Gift Guide: Top Beauty & Spa Gifts For Christmas 2020 (*US edition)

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it and if self care isn’t at the top of your list of priorities, I’m sure you know someone who does need some serious pampering (you do too by the way!). Here are some great beauty and spa gift ideas to get ahead with your gift-shopping.

Beauty & Spa Gift Ideas

All in One Makeup Bundle

Christmas is the day for beautiful surprises and that’s just what the Shany All in One Makeup Bundle delivers. You can order this makeup bundle for someone special and watch them be delighted when they open their gift.

The makeup and accessories in this bundle make great gifts for teens as well as for moms and other family members or friends. The bundles can also be opened and wrapped as separate gifts or put in stockings, too, but many people prefer to give the bundle as one gift.

The bundle is a mystery box, so you never know what’s going to be inside of it when you order, which is part of the charm of the product. But inside the box, what’s included is a variety of different beauty products within the line.

So that means that customers won’t get to choose the colours or the items. The choices are determined when the box is pre-packaged. You’ll get a beautiful makeup brush set that’s soft and designed for comfort.

You also receive a pouch for storing the makeup brushes to keep them organized as well as clean. A large makeup palette comes in the bundle but can vary in amount and size, depending on each box’s content.

This palette will have a variety of colours and these colours can also vary according to what’s selected in the box. The eyeshadow choices are plentiful, beautiful and all of them have great pigmentation.

Users can apply them in the morning, and they’ll last all day long. Also commonly included in this gift package are blotting papers. This beauty tool is what helps to absorb the oil from your face so that the makeup remains on longer.

The package of these oil blotters is a nice quantity. You get 400 in all. There’s a lip gloss set in many of these bundles and these colours, like the eye shadows, will also vary.

When the bundle is selected, you can receive any item that the manufacturer sells and has at the moment. So it might be something that just came out on their makeup market.

But it also might be something that’s one of their long-selling classic items. These bundles are chosen by the manufacturer based on available selection as well as overstock.

What can come in the bundles are both sample size as well as full-size products. You might get individual cosmetics as well as full sets. Facial cleaners may be included in the package.

Some of the boxes will include beauty products for nails including nail polish, accessories and nail art. These makeup products are vegan and none of them is tested on animals.

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Gel Nail Kit

Beautiful nails are a holiday season accessory. This year, you can give someone the gift of great looking nails without the high cost or inconvenience of going to a salon with the Gel Nail Kit.

Plus, the gel polish is long-lasting and quick drying. Included within the kit are some of the same tools that are used in professional nail salons along with a pouch for storing the tools.

The manicure accessories that come with the kit include emery boards so that they can shape their nails as desired. A cuticle remover is included with the set as well as a cuticle remover product.

This product will eliminate any dead skin. Using this helps keep the skin from adhering to the nails and helps prevent getting polish onto the cuticles. Professional nail clippers are part of this kit as is a fingernail brush.

Toe separators are included as well so that people can get that neat salon look without accidental nail polish contact and smudge that can occur between toes. The kit provides the UV light and it comes with a total of three settings to choose from to dry nails so they don’t smudge.

People can select between 30, 60 or 120 seconds of drying time so users can customize their preferences. The lamp is designed with a 180-degree angle, which helps to dry the nails smoothly and simultaneously.

There’s a smart sensor in the lamp. It will only activate the drying light when the user puts a hand in. Because there’s no bottom to this style lamp, users won’t have to worry about fitting a hand under the light.

Plus, this makes it more convenient to be able to take it along and use this beauty tool anywhere. There are a total of six different colours of gel nail polish with this kit. Two of the colours are pale glitter colours, but the colour choices can be expanded separately and the lamp also used with any colour.

In addition to the six colours, you also receive three bottles of the topcoat, which helps to give nails that salon shine as well as long-lasting durability. Various nail art designs are part of the kit, too.

The polish is toxin-free and doesn’t contain additives that will harm the nails. When the gel polish is applied correctly, users can expect that their nails will still look freshly done even weeks later.

Before applying the polish, you should make sure that the nails are both oil and lotion-free. Taking the gel polish off is easy. You simply buff, then soak the nail in the remover and the gel comes off.

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Lighted Makeup Mirror

Getting your makeup done well takes more than just making sure you have the right makeup for your skin. You also need to have the right kind of lighting. If the light is too dark, you can’t see if the makeup being applied is too dark and if the lighting is too harsh, it can make the skin appear washed out, which also affects how makeup is applied.

The right kind of lighting can change that. That’s why a great gift this holiday season is the Fenchilin Lighted Makeup Mirror. You’ll be able to give someone on your list the kind of makeup mirror that’s perfect for professional or personal use.

Anyone using it will feel like a celebrity. The frame is made of tinplate, which not only makes it durable but also gives this beautifully designed mirror that high-end appearance.

The way the lights are positioned across the frame allows you to complete your makeup regimen in the morning, in the evenings or any time at all. The mirror is able to easily adjust to whatever time of day it is when someone uses it for a makeup routine.

That’s because the brightness of the 3W LED lights can be altered. It also allows users to choose between 3 different colour choices. They can choose to use the option for a pale warm yellow or the cool white.

But there’s also one light setting that’s useful for daylight. Each of these different lights casts just the right glow across the skin which allows the user to be able to apply mistake-free makeup.

The lights on the mirror are placed up both sides as well as across the top so there’s no worry about a shadow effect when applying makeup. Users can apply makeup for work or for enjoying a night out.

A great feature with the mirror is the Smart Touch Control. To use the mirror, you simply touch one of the sensor buttons to power on or to turn off the lights. When you want to switch the colour of the lights, you press a button on the control and another for changing up how bright you want those lights to be.

Along with the Smart Touch Control, the mirror also has a memory feature. Once you get the lighting set the way that you want it, the mirror will hold onto that setting. So when it’s time to use the mirror again, your previous settings will have been saved.

The side of the mirror has a USB charging port that can easily charge a phone or other devices. The mirror also comes with a magnifying mirror with 10X strength that does come off so it can be handheld.

Though the mirror sits on a base, this base is removable. When the base is taken off, the mirror can be mounted securely onto a wall and the pieces needed to attach it are included with the purchase.

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Revlon Dryer Brush

Pamper someone you love this holiday season with the Revlon Dryer Brush. This 1100 watt beauty tool can take the stress out of getting your hair ready as well as shorten the amount of time it takes to have a beautiful style with plenty of volume.

The device has a swivel cord on the end of it and this helps make it easier to manoeuvre when you’re doing your hair. You won’t be stuck having to hold one position. The dryer brush has an ALCI safety plug feature, which prevents any issues with current flow problems when using the device.

If there’s an issue with your current, it’ll shut it off. The brush is designed in an oval shape and this is what creates the volume most people are looking for. When it’s used, it lifts the hair from the roots.

This volumizing effect can help hair to look full, even if you have thinner hair. At the same time it volumizes, it gives the rest of the hair a sleek look.  It can be used to curl or flip the ends of the hair and it can be used on both short and long hairstyles.

The ability of the brush to create great body and give hair a shine lies with the uniquely designed combination bristles. This design is made to create a tangle-free hair drying experience.

Some of the bristles are nylon pin, which is what works to keep the hair from twisting together. At the same time, the tufted bristles are what smooth it out and help give it the shine that makes hair look great.

These bristles are what makes it easy to control how you want to use the device to create your hairstyle. This is an all-in-one beauty tool, so the brush doesn’t come off. But that’s a good feature to have since it won’t slip while in use.

The way the brush is designed with the airflow vents shortens drying time while simultaneously drying more hair. The appliance is lightweight at under 2 pounds and designed to comfortably fit your hand, so it’s easy to use.

Since the dryer dries so well, you end up not having the same frizz effect that comes from traditional dryers. Because you won’t use it to dry your hair as long, that means your hair won’t have the same amount of heat damage.

The device uses ceramic technology which allows the hair to retain both moisture and shine. It has three different heat settings to choose from. You can also select the cool feature. For best use with the appliance, you’ll want to make sure your hair is as dry as possible after showering.

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Wet Dry Trimmer

For the men on your shopping list, a wet dry trimmer can take the hassle out of staying well-groomed. The Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Trimming Kit has everything needed for grooming care.

Because it’s designed for either wet or dry use, it gives more convenience to the person using it. Plus, this makes the blade a lot easier to clean after use. The razor is shower proof and since some men prefer to shave while in the shower, this feature makes this one of those must-have gifts.

Another one of the exceptional benefits about this product is that it’s created with a low noise feature. The frequency hums softly and because it’s so soft, you won’t get that hand sensitivity from heavy vibration.

The blades are precision as well as self-sharpening. This allows users to get the best cut and get it right with every use. It’s designed to be used for both long hair as well as short hair.

For men wanting to use it for beard trimming, the trimmer is made to be used with any style or length. It doesn’t matter if it’s a long, thick beard, either. The trimmer can easily handle it without slowing or bogging down.

The kit is 23 pieces in all and comes with 4 different attachments that are for a variety of uses as well as for different kinds of facial hair. The trimmer has a T-blade, which is what gives it that precision cut.

The kit also has a dozen attachment guards. These are easy to change out whenever desired. These attachments range from 1/16” all the way up to 1”. These attachments can make cutting hair as easy as shaving.

The razor can be used for everyday facial stubble, but it can also be used to trim moustaches and sideburns. The attachments can help shape a goatee or beard as well as remove unwanted hair from places like the ears or nose.

The lithium-ion battery on this trimmer is a great selling point because of how long it lasts. It can be used for years. When it’s charged, the charge can last for weeks or months, depending on how often the razor is used.

It has a fast-charging ability, too – with the charger included in the kit. You only need to charge it for 3 minutes to be able to use it for a quick trim. There is a charging light on the razor that lets you see when the trimmer is ready to be used. Because the trimmer is portable, it’s the perfect grooming gift for home or travel.

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So there you have it.  What must-have gifts would you add?


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