Happy Walls Make Happy Nurseries

If you are looking for an easy and cost-efficient way of decorating a nursery, have you considered nursery wall stickers?

With many designs to choose from you can create a wonderful space for your little one. It is more than likely that you will find nursery walls stickers for your nursery regardless of your theme.

Nursery walls stickers are easy to use, look great and compared to traditional decorating methods, do not cost the earth.

As little ones are not that little for long spending a lot of money on decorating a nursery can be a waste of money. However, wall stickers allow you to change the look and feel of the room at a minimal cost. Meaning plain painted walls and be transformed regularly and your little one grows and their tastes change.

What are Nursery Wall Stickers?

Wall stickers are vinyl stickers cut into different shapes depicting different images. Therefore, they are a great way of transforming plain walls or entire rooms. You can stick them quickly and easily onto your wall, therefore taking the stress out of decorating, especially compared to the traditional decorating methods.

With regards to nursery wall stickers, there are many to choose from. Images range from animals and cartoon characters to cars and unicorns including these beautiful nursery wall stickers too.

With several baby boy nursery wall stickers and baby girl nursery wall stickers available the likelihood is you will find a suitable wall sticker or mural for your nursery.

Child Care Nurseries

Wall stickers are great for home nurseries, they are also great for child care nurseries too. Whether you run a childminding business from home or at a formal nursery setting, wall stickers and murals are a great addition to brighten up walls and make areas more child friendly.

Walls stickers are easy to clean and maintain and again because they are a cost-effective way of decorating any space, especially heavy traffic areas it means you can update and change them regularly if needed.

Also, if you have different areas set up within your nursery for different age groups, nursery wall stickers are great for decorating as you choose relevant ones for the age of the children in the area.

The National Day Nurseries Association offer lots of help and advice regarding setting up and running nurseries if this is something you are considering.

Educational Benefits of Nursery Wall Stickers

As children grow, nursery wall stickers can offer educational benefits, especially if you opt for one(s) showing letters, numbers, the world or even animals. Such stickers allow you to spend time teaching your children the basics while in the comfort of their nursery. They can also help develop their motor skills, language and visual learning ability.

Again as they are cost-effective and easy to apply as your child grows, you could replace the stickers with ones that have a more in-depth educational benefit.


If you are unable to find a nursery wall sticker or nursery mural that fits your nursery theme or colour scheme, many companies offer the opportunity to create your nursery wall decals allowing you to make your little one’s nursery unique to them.


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