How to Choose The Perfect Instant Cooking Pot

There’s nothing more comforting than a hot cooked meal, especially now that autumn is here. Whilst there are many benefits to your health, you do need a certain amount of skill when it comes to cooking and food preparation. Of course, if you are not a skilled chef, you can always go to a restaurant but eating out every day is well outside the budget of most families. 

This is why, if you want to eat healthy meals, you will have to learn how to prepare food. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced chef or a newbie, one of the easiest ways to cook is in an instant cooking pot. If this is your first time buying an instant cooking pot, you should know it isn’t as simple as you might think. There are some things to consider before you part with your cash.

Here’s how to buy a perfect instant cooking pot.

What Is An Instant Cooking Pot?

An instant pot is a type of electric pressure cooker. As you probably know, pressure cookers work by creating heat under a tight seal. This way, the temperature is much higher than the boiling point of water and the seal doesn’t let the steam escape. The main reason why people use this pot is that steam cooks food much more quickly than the stovetop or oven. Hence the name – instant cooking pot. Now, since we answered this question, let’s see how to choose the perfect pot.

How Big Is Your Family?

One of the first things you have to ask yourself before you buy an instant pot is how big your family is. The answer to this question will help you choose the right size of an instant pot. If you have a large family, you should opt for the 8-quart pot. This is the biggest one available and it is good for parties and gatherings.

If you have a small family, the 6-quart version is the one for you. This pot can prepare a tasty meal for 3-6 people. In case you live alone or you need this steam cooker for vegetables and select food products, you should definitely get the 3-quart version. This wonderful appliance will help you eat healthy food every day without having to go to expensive restaurants and order takeouts.

What Do You Want Your Pot To Look Like?

A lot of people would argue that the look is not important when it comes to choosing the perfect instant cooking pot. Sure, it’s not as important as functionality, but it is relevant. You don’t want to have a steam cooker that is different from everything else in your kitchen. After all, you will be preparing the food for your family and friends, and it’s always nice to have good-looking appliances. Therefore, try to find the one that matches your kitchen design. This way, you will enjoy your time in the kitchen whenever you are preparing a meal for yourself or your loved ones.

The Interface

This is definitely one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the right cooker for you. As you probably noticed, these things are pretty smart, which means there are a lot of options you can use every time you cook. However, not knowing how the pot works and which buttons you should press could make your life difficult. Therefore, you should choose the one with a simple interface.

In this case, “simple” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “bad”. When it comes to cooking pots, a simple interface can save you a lot of time and trouble. You will be using this appliance on a regular basis and you don’t want to spend too much time choosing the option you need in a given moment. You want a pot that is easy to use. This should be one of your priorities when choosing an instant cooking pot.


Most steam cookers nowadays are very smart. This means they have displays you can use to see what’s going on inside the pot. This is a pretty useful feature, but not all pots have the same display. You should try your best to find the one that clearly shows all the options and numbers.

This is very important because once you seal the pot, you must not open it until the food is cooked. Well, at least you shouldn’t open it. Therefore, the only thing you can rely on is the display. Choosing the pot with a good display is not always a simple task. So, don’t be hasty when selecting. Try a few pots at the store before buying one.

The Cost

As you might assume, this kitchen appliance is not cheap but it is a worthwhile investment if you budget for one that meets your needs. A good instant pot will save you loads of time and trouble and allows you to prepare food in the morning so that there is a hot meal waiting when the family come home from work and school.  Trust me, it will change your life for the better.


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