Smart Ways To Welcome The Autumn

Autumn is just around the corner and many people in different parts of the globe are preparing already. Autumn is the time between summer and winter. Since summer is the warmest time of the year and winter is the coldest period of the year, it follows that autumn is a season of mild weather. 

This is the perfect time for many DIY projects so you can take advantage of this season and carry out some great projects. Below are some DIY project ideas for you and your children. 

The Welcome Autumn Banner

This is one smart way to welcome the season. For this project, you need a piece of white cloth, a length of clothes wire and printing ink in different colours. You also need cardboard paper, razors and a pair of scissors. 

First, you write out the words “Welcome Autumn” on the cardboard paper. These words should be in block letters. 

Next, you cut out some areas on the words you have written and prepare them for transfer onto the banner. 

Now, put the individual letters of the words in the right place on the white cloth. Use printing ink and a bit of foam to transfer the letters to the banner. 

Now, your banner is ready and you can hang it in strategic places in your compound. For best results, you should print at least three banners and use different colours to make the banners come alive. 

Use the clothes wire to hang them up and the project is done. 

Painted Stones  

For this project, all you need are stones, watercolour and paintbrushes. This is a simple but smart project. 

Just get a number of smooth medium-sized stones. Gather the stones together and paint them in different colours. You can paint the words “autumn” on the stones. You can even paint the names of different family members on these stones. 

Now, arrange the stones in strategic places within the home. These stones can be used to beautify the driveway, the garden area, or the backyard. 

Concentrate on both colour contrast and colour harmony and you will create a startling effect. 

We Love Autumn Banner

Now, this banner is quite different from the conventional cloth banner. In this case, your raw materials are buttons, paper and glue. Just get your cardboard papers together and use glue to join the different sheets

Now, get your colourful buttons together. Sketch a love sign on the “banner” and write out the words “We love autumn in bold letters”. Glue the coloured buttons to trace the love sign. 

Now, glue some more buttons to the paper to form the word “We love autumn”. Hang these banners in different parts of your home and you get amazing results.  

Garden Flower Signs

This project will make your garden come alive. Get a number of old spoons and flatten the spoons with a hammer. Paint all the flattened spoons in white then use different colours to “label” your garden. 

These labels will announce the different flowers in your garden to visitors. For instance, you can paint words like “Rose”, “Hibiscus”, “Basil”, “Sunflower” and other flower names on these spoons. 

Now, stick the spoons into the soil in the flower area with the painted signs facing the sky. This will give your garden a character of its own. 

Hand Painted Mugs

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy cold drinks, warm drinks and everything else in between. 

Now, you can add some fun to the drinking process by painting your mugs. Just get a bit of printer’s ink in different colours. 

Paint the words: “Fall”, “Autumn” and “Great Weather” on these mugs. 

Now each time you enjoy a drink in your home, you are celebrating autumn in a special way.


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