Top 6 Crystal Healing Benefits of Moldavite

Of all the strongest crystals in the world, whether it’s a ruby stone, a malachite rock, or a kunzite crystal,  moldavite crystals outdo them all. The moldavite stone is not only a powerful crystal but contains intense psychic vibrations that are not only known to protect but at the same time, help with a person’s spiritual journey. There have been stones from outer space with unimaginable powers and it’s perhaps the reason why Clark Kent has never been so in tune with Kryptonite stones!

That aside, there are so many reasons why people seek help from crystallites. Whatever your reasons are, you’ll be safe to know that moldavite crystallites hold a lot of power, and they’ll help in so many aspects of life including wealth, health, and your spiritual well being. Speaking of the moldavite’s health benefits, here are the top six healing benefits of the moldavite crystals. 

Top six healing benefits of moldavite crystals

Take Control Of Your Heart Chakra

Now, this might sound unfamiliar to so many people especially those who don’t know what the heart chakra is. In layman’s terms, the heart chakra is the powerhouse for all your emotions and spirituality. These are key elements that could in so many ways affect your health because come to think about it, your emotions could, if affected, cause you instability in your health. These could be ailments that revolve around high blood pressure, stress, and depression. 

Having a balance in both your emotions and spiritual well being could help in controlling some of these ailments. If you are looking to be in tune with your chakras, the guys at will be happy to provide you with incentives and insights on how to get a moldavite stone that’s best suited for your needs. This is a stone that was curved in fire and greatness and to get a moldavite stone that’s for you, you’ll need to do a lot of homework.

Among the factors that you’ll need to consider when it comes to- choosing a moldavite crystal includes:

  • Check for quality – Now, not every stone you find out there will have the qualities and characteristics of a moldavite crystal. So, it’s critical that you only go for the best moldavite suppliers before you get duped into investing in a synthetic type.
  • Cost – With the moldavite’s metaphysical qualities as well as the health benefits this crystal presents, it has become a highly sought-after stone meaning that some dealers can sell it at expensive rates. But before investing in just any moldavite crystal, always ensure that it’s of the best quality. 

Rediscover Your True Self

Having or wearing a moldavite crystal will help you to rediscover your life purpose. There are so many ailments that come as a result of missing out or getting confused about a person’s purpose in life. A purposeful life will help you to make the right life decisions including making sound lifestyle decisions that will not hurt your physical and emotional health. Drinking and smoking are some of the most influential lifestyle habits that could cost you your health. Wearing a moldavite crystal can help you get in touch with realms that could allow you to rediscover your life purposes. This allows you to change lifestyle choices that will not be beneficial to your health. 

Gain A Sense Of Protection

Nothing is as healthy as having a sense of protection all around you. The reason why most people spend so much on costly medical bills is as a result of worrying about their security and safety. Having or carrying a moldavite crystal in your purse or embedded on your necklace will help to release energy levels that will help to ensure you of your security as well as guide your steps in your day to day life. It’s said that darker hued moldavite crystals can help to guide you in your travels and in giving you the strength to endure and persist. 

Experience Healing

Moldavite owners have attested to the fact that the crystal has energies that surpass ordinary knowledge. This energy comes with some healing power to help you recover from ailments. This is a health benefit that is sought-out-after by so many ailing patients and it’s only a wish that they knew of the healing benefits of a moldavite crystal. 

Improve Mental Health

Your brain plays a huge part in the body’s healing processes and without the brain, not so many body processes can take place. Healing is one of the aspects that are taken care of by a healthy brain. Among the things that you can do to catalyze the healing process includes meditating with a moldavite crystal. This will help to rejuvenate your mental capacitors and energize your mental receptors to help your body heal at a speedy rate. When meditating with a moldavite crystal, it will play a crucial role in releasing energies that will open you up to higher power levels. It will also help to quiet a troubled mind allowing the other systems of the body to work at full capacity. 

A Powerful Burst Of Physical Healing Energies

For years, moldavite crystals have been used to illuminate physical abilities as well as in helping with physical imbalances that are troubling to one’s physical well state of being. In line with most ancient moldavite healing procedures, a moldavite crystal can help in slowing down the ageing process, boost mental rejuvenation, and slow down some of the most common degenerative processes that affect the healing processes. This means finding a pro in this field to help you understand more on this topic. 

Caring For Your Moldavite

What stones go well with Moldavite?

Pair your Moldavite with smoky quartz, clear quartz, hematite or Boji stones to help stabilize the energies and effects of moldavite. If you plan to use it for meditation, then combine it with another grounding stone such as black tourmaline, obsidian or red jasper.

Can I carry my moldavite with other crystals?

No, if you keep Moldavite in a carry pouch with other Quartz crystals, this would cause abrasion damage and scratching to your Moldavite.

Can you get moldavite wet?

Yes, you can but be gentle.  Regular water or a non-abrasive detergent will not harm your moldavite. Use a soft brush, such as a soft toothbrush to clean the stone under running water.

They say that not everything that glitters is gold and this statement couldn’t be any truer because there is a huge goldmine in things that don’t glitter. Moldavite crystals are not as precious as gold but they have healing health benefits that, in line with the above pointers, you’ll reap the full benefits of. 

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  1. Karenda L. Chapman
    5 June, 2021 / 2:16 am

    When they say to pair your Moldavite with clear quartz or one of the above mentioned crystals to help stabilize its energy and effect, is that together while on you or when you have the crystals at rest (off your body)? I just bought the Moldavite necklace so I’m curious as to how to pair it.

  2. Selene
    3 June, 2021 / 9:47 am

    Can I wear a black tourmaline bracelet and moldavite necklace at the same time ?

  3. Hazel
    30 March, 2021 / 4:14 pm

    I just bought the same thing a locket pin it moldavite crystal to wear around my neck. The moldavite pieces are broken up into little shards inside the pennant and even though I can open up the pennant and take out the pieces if I want to they’re so small I prefer to leave them inside the pendant but I was wondering is that beneficial while I’m getting the same energies if it’s inside the pendant, so far it’s hard to find an answer online

    • Ann
      25 July, 2021 / 8:49 pm

      I’ve had some eye opening dreams/ ancestral work/ life changes through this tektite. it’s a high energy stone, so it’s good to take it off if it’s making you dizzy.. don’t try to fight it. if your up for the work (keep reading)💛
      I also recommend a grounding stone while working with it
      other than that repeat wearing/taking it off to build up your tolerance! If your up for the highest healing energies I guarantee you will change your calling/serve for your highest good! ✨
      So I highly recommend it if your interested in spiritual work/transition🌀

    • Anonymous
      30 July, 2021 / 5:04 am

      Personally I have No idea. But speaking from science perspective, if you press a small speaker up against a wall the sound will increase, louder but a bit muffled, because the wall mimics the vibrations of the speaker resulting in the wall turning into a “speaker”

  4. Dawn
    21 March, 2021 / 6:30 pm

    I have a question ! Do you get the same benefit from moldavite in a glass case Lockett necklace as you do from just carrying the crystal?

    • Sharon
      25 March, 2021 / 4:48 am

      Idk how you’re planning on wearing yours but I wear mine on my necklace. I feel so balanced I don’t take it off. Hope it works for you

    • Amit bhardwaj
      15 April, 2021 / 10:38 pm

      Yes there is no hindrance. With or without glass its energy field remain same

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