6 Tips for Cutting Down on Your Screen Time

These days, many of us find ourselves glued to a screen. Whether it is at work, or at home relaxing, there is no doubt that many of us need to cut down how many hours we spend on devices. It may feel good to look through our social media feed and watch funny videos, but it can actually be very addictive and damaging to our mental health. It also makes it easy to lose sight of the more important things and become less productive.

If you are interested in reducing the amount of time you spend on your smart devices or watch too much TV, then here are 6 tips for cutting down on your screen time.

Eat without Screens

Eating a meal gives us an opportunity to spend time away from a screen, so we should use it. It is very tempting to use your breaks to catch up on the latest online news, or to watch your favorite TV show while eating dinner at home. By banning screen time during these breaks, you will give your eyes a chance to rest, you will enjoy your food more, and you can socialize if you are eating with other people.

Reduce Computer Socializing

The internet gives us access to thousands of ways to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world. Unfortunately, this blessing means that the continuous chats and messages keep our eyes stuck to our phones and other devices for an excessive amount of time. To fix this, you should schedule a phone call with distant loved ones and make more face-to-face contact with those who live closer.

Set a Timer

Setting a timer or downloading an app that limits the amount of time you spend on your smart phone will make a huge difference on your screen time. Keeping up to date on your social media channels and looking at funny memes will feel good, but it also wastes a lot of time. Once you start limiting your screen time, you should gradually start to reduce the timer until you get to a healthy daily level.

Find New Interests

Finding a new interest is a great way to cut down on screen time. It will distract you from your smart devices and TV while growing your skills, knowledge and/or entertaining you. If you love to collect items, such as Digimon cards, then you can use a small proportion of your limited daily screen time to go online and purchase collectables, as this does make it easy to buy Digimon cards and grow your hobby.

Avoid Bedtime TV

Watching a movie or your favourite series from the comfort of your bedroom may feel like a good idea, but you should try to do this on your couch instead. By doing so, watching TV will become less addictive. When you are cosy and comfortable in bed, you can easily get into the cycle of ‘one more won’t hurt.’ You can also be more productive when watching TV in your living room.

Add a Workout

If you have to spend a lot of time in front of a screen for work or other reasons, then you should try and be productive when doing so. If you have time to take a break, then you should use that time to fit in a short walk or some light exercises. If you are just addicted to a series or a big movie fan, then you should try your best to do a workout from the comfort of your living room floor.

It is important to understand that permanent changes won’t occur overnight. You will need to remain determined to kick the scrolling habit, but small steps go a long way and you will feel great as a result.


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