Creative Halloween Decor Ideas To Super Scare Them

It’s going to be a strange Halloween this year with trick-or-treating banned and parties affected by the ‘rule of six’.  But at least we can decorate our homes to add a little ghostly cheer for our neighbours and, more importantly, our kids who seem to adore this odd throwback to Pagan times.

If you walk around your neighbourhood though, there is a good chance that you will see very similar decorations in every home and garden. Jack-o-lanterns, orange lights, pumpkins, squashes, and witches that have “crashed” into garage doors and nearby trees are all frequently to be seen.

However, if you are looking for something different to do this year, why not try something a little more creative?


Hang a creepy mask on your front door. Decorate your garden gnomes with them and even create your own scary scarecrow? You can even hang them in the windows to look like someone creepy is peaking out.

You can amp up the scary tone by placing a flash light on the ground, turning it on, and adjusting the light to illuminate the mask. Just make sure that any masks used outdoors are waterproof and fastened down so that they do not become ruined or fly away.


Glass vases can be an interesting way to decorate inside of your home. Consider filling them with different objects in autumn and use Halloween colours – coloured leaves, black and orange marbles, Halloween candies, or even plastic bugs.

It’s a great craft project for older kids to take charge of.  Little ones will need supervision to avoid choking hazards from smaller objects.

You can then reuse the vases by making a few changes in the contents for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays. You can often find a variety of fillers at your local craft store or bargain shop.


Fake spider webs can make your front garden look creepy, but you can also use them inside, where you get the added benefit of having them last longer. Hang them in doorways and in corners throughout your home. You can even consider adding on some creepy inhabitants to perfect the look. It’s the one time of year when you won’t have to worry about dust!

You may want to consider spraying the webbing with an insect repellent to keep the real deal from moving in. You will also want to make sure that you do not hang them anywhere that could be a potential fire hazard.


If you have some budding artists in your family, consider designing your own Halloween mural. You can then hang this in a bay window, a blank wall, or even outside if the weather permits. Older children can design their own Halloween scene, while younger children can colour in the words “Happy Halloween.” This can also be a sweet keepsake to pass on when your children get older to help remind them of childhood Halloweens.


If you don’t want to go all out with your Halloween decorations, a few tasteful accents can help set the Halloween mood without turning your home into a Haunted house.

For instance, you can hang orange and black curtains or bring out some Halloween themed throw pillows. Look for a Halloween welcome mat or move your smaller potted plants into plastic Halloween trick-or-treating containers. You can even look for Halloween knick-knacks and static window clings.

If you are tired of the traditional Halloween decorations, a little creativity can help you create your own Halloween display. Simply look for items that you like that fall into the Halloween theme and create your own designs.

Keep it reusable, recyclable, sustainable

Halloween sees a huge amount of waste in terms of plastic novelties and hollowed out pumpkins.  Wherever possible do the planet a favour and make or buy items that become Halloween heirlooms rather than junk.

Here’s how to recycle your pumpkins.

Have a stylish Halloween!


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