Feng Shui For Health – Make Your Home A Place Of Healing

I’m a big believer that houses all have their own unique atmosphere.  It’s what the Romantic Poets used to call “the spirit of place”.  If you’ve ever found that you just can’t settle in certain rooms or even that they just don’t feel particularly welcoming, it might be time to apply some feng shui to your room or even the whole house – including the garden!

feng shui for health - Chinese bell and coin

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy system all about harmonizing with your environment to create success, good fortune and happiness in your life.  I am particularly interested in feng shui for health as I think there are certain buildings and spaces that can actually make us sick.

From the design of your home to the placement of objects around your rooms and even the colours you have used to decorate, if these are not aligned or are mismatched or ugly, the energy of the place will not be right – and this may affect your health.

If your bins are always overflowing, your potted plants are dying and your ornaments are broken, it’s time to reorganise, declutter and tidy your space.

You might be wondering how Feng Shui works.  Basically, it uses an energy map called the Bagua to analyze the energy of any given space, whether it’s your home, office or garden.

In Chinese, Bagua means “8 areas” and each of these areas corresponds to an important aspect of your life. These cover areas such as Health & Family, Wealth & Abundance, Fame & Reputation and Love & Marriage.

If the placement of objects is wrong, the colours used are jarring or everything is cluttered then, depending on the area of the house, it is believed that this will directly impact the aspects covered by that particular part of the Bagua.

Feng shui is a huge and fascinating subject which requires in-depth study and practice but, more and more, people are realising that spatial energy affects how we feel.

How do you know if there’s a problem in your home?  If your heart sinks when you enter a room or space it’s time to do something about it. So here are some quick tips to raise the energy of your space and, hopefully, feel more uplifted and positive.

feng shui for health - tools including the Bagua

How to use feng shui for health in your home

Use the colours of nature to decorate

It is said that using the colours of the elements (Earth, Wood, Water) to decorate your room will improve the energy of the space.  Not, however, colours relating to Fire or Metal.

Think of soothing greens, browns, blues and earth colours and complement the colour scheme with artwork depicting health and harmony.

Let in the light

Letting in more natural light will raise the energy of the space.  Consider slatted wooden blinds to control the amount of sunlight that enters the room, rather than heavy, dark coloured curtains.

Add more light fittings and fixtures, as long as they suit the overall design of the room and do not introduce a jarring effect.  Adding mirrors will also help to increase the overall light in the room.

Add the energy of plants

It is said that one of the best cures for poor health is to add healthy green plants in the east and/or southeast sectors of your home.

Plants are also a good way to take care of the air quality of your home and the best air purifying plants are those such as Dracaena Jenny Craig, Boston Fern or Peace Lilly.

The plants you choose should have round or oblong leaves rather than pointed or sharp ones. Make sure that you take good care of your plants by keeping them watered, feeding them regularly, providing enough sunlight and removing any dead leaves.  You should also ensure that your plants don’t gather dust which causes energy to become stagnant – not a good thing when you are trying to feng shui for health.

Add ornaments to enhance your health luck

As well as a Laughing Buddha statue or lucky bamboo, you could also add a statue of Sau, the most famous of the three star gods (Fuk Luk Sau) who is the God of Longevity. Usually depicted carrying a bottle gourd full of the nectar of Immortality, a staff, and the “fruit of immortality”, the peach. Sau should be placed at around eye level and he will provide the entire family with a happy and long life.

Another important symbol of longevity, immortality and good blessings is the Wu Lou (“bottle gourd”). Carried by the god Sau, many people use the Wu Lou because of its distinct shape.  The top half represents heaven and the bottom half represents the earth.  The Wu Lou should be kept beside your bed for general wellbeing and keeping illness at bay.

This is supposed to be even more effective for those who are already sick or who are constantly suffering from ailments.

Give Gifts To Show Love And Genuine Care

While any gift that come from the heart should always be accepted with gratitude and smile, it’s important to also know the gift-giving practices in feng shui that can affect health, safety, prosperity, and overall success.

Feng shui also have gift-giving advice, as a way to show your emotions to a person. You can boost the love and care for your loved ones by giving gifts. For instance, you can choose the perfect gift for the writer in your life, such as a pen that you can give to your spouse, parent, or child. A pen represents wisdom and creativity.

In feng shui, people should avoid giving an empty purse, wallet, or briefcase. You need to place a money inside, which represents prosperity. A new red wallet with cash represents your wish to a person to have overflowing wealth.

For good health, you can give your loved ones some precious stones, such as amber to protect health and hematite to enhance concentration. Avoid giving watches or clocks as gifts because they represent a limited life span and stolen time.

You should avoid giving sharp objects or knives because these items symbolize cutting a relationship. If ever you receive a knife or any sharp object as a birthday or anniversary gift, you can hand over a coin that would mean you bought the object from the giver to restore the bond or good relationship between you.

Things NOT to do

Expert Jessie Kim advises that, when using feng shui for health, you should never put any tall columnar objects in the centre of your home because they can represent a tree that is digging into the earth or a metal rod digging out the earth. Both of these things uproot and disturb the earth.

So you may want to avoid tall metal or wood bookshelves, or tall lamps.

Jessie also advises avoiding spiral staircases anywhere in the house because she says, no other object can drain energy, or Chi, faster.

“A spiral staircase is like a tornado funnel that sucks up everything and uproots everything in its path.   In this case, it is the energy in your home or business.”

As you can see, feng shui is a fascinating subject which, with a bit of research, may help your home to become a more pleasant, relaxing space – which will surely help with your health.


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