The Stay Warm Secrets Of Cosy Winter Homes

It’s that time of year when summer has well and truly ended, and we naturally find ourselves spending more time inside. This is when you realise just how much work your house requires to turn it into your ideal home.  Now is the perfect time for some winter home improvements.

winter home improvements - snowy scene through a white window

We have a huge list of DIY projects to tackle from installing sound-proofing into our living room ceiling, to completely overhauling the kitchen and bathroom.  Our house was built in 1929 and it’s fair to say it’s definitely showing its age, particularly in the cold and rain.

October is the busiest month for furniture, kitchen, bathroom and flooring companies, and this just proves the trend that homes need a bit of TLC before the long days indoors. But the first decision to make is where on earth to start.

winter home improvements - grey and white kitchen

Winter home improvements


The easiest place to start is beneath your feet.  Take a look beneath your feet and assess how happy you are with your flooring.

Improving your flooring can make a huge difference and create a whole new theme and atmosphere. There are plenty of flooring options available, however, it is important to know which flooring should be installed in certain areas – for example, installing carpet in your kitchen is never recommended and often frowned upon in bathrooms too.

I certainly agree with that!  We have a mix of tiles and rather antiquated grey carpet tiles which have fallen victim to exploding yoghurts, spilt squash and other nasties to the point which I just want to rip the darn things up and replace the entire kitchen floor.

Grey laminate flooring or grey vinyl is currently a popular option for downstairs, as it is easy to clean and creates a modern appearance that can’t be replicated.

You might not consider laminate because it can be cold to walk on but laminate flooring can be installed on top of underfloor heating, which feels lovely and warm underfoot. Laminate flooring is also cheap, easy to install, and will transform a room overnight.

winter home improvements - underfloor heating panels

Underfloor Heating

While discussing underfloor heating, one recent emerging trend is underfloor heating for your bathroom. Let’s be honest, there is no worse feeling than getting out of a lovely warm bath to step onto freezing cold tiles. You can try uninstalling your current tiles to install underfloor heating, then placing them back down, but if you’re going to do it you may as well do it properly and place brand spanking new tiles on your new underfloor heated bathroom. And, while you’re at it, why not consider installing vertical designer radiators for a modern look.

winter home improvements - woman wrapped in a grey blanket clutching a white mug with a grey knitted cosy


Updating your furniture just seems more appropriate in winter as all the new season colours, textures and furniture styles start appearing, together with those heavy decorating and lifestyle magazines.

If we’re in for another snowy winter, why not make being snowed in as comfy as possible with a new sin. If you have a leather sofa like we do (although it’s ancient and battered!), you’ll find that whilst they’re cool in summer, they can become quite cold during winter months.

Buying a new sofa can become expensive, so there are two routes you can go down. Either buy a new fabric sofa or buy lots of soft blankets and comfy throws. This will ensure you can watch countless movies without becoming cold or uncomfortable. Just remember to place the snacks close to the sofa.

If you can’t afford new chairs then you can at least clean the upholstery and add a little subtle camouflage with a new sofa or chair cover or just a snuggly throw or blanket.

winter home improvements - wooden sofa with pink and grey cushions


Finally, there is nothing better than getting into your bed on a night with a brand-new winter duvet that you can wrap yourself up in. Prices tend to increase for winter duvets when it starts to get cold, so try to get to the end of summer sales or order online to snap up web exclusives and make the most of voucher codes and cashback sites.

Another trick is to visit your favourite store, make a note of the product and see if you can find it cheaper online. The cheaper option is an electric blanket for when you get into bed, however, this won’t keep you warm during the night. The ideal option is an electric blanket as well as a winter duvet.  You could also try a weighted blanket, said to help with stress and anxiety.



  1. Alex Telford
    29 October, 2018 / 3:03 pm

    We had a new kitchen fitted a couple of years ago. How I wish we had installed underfloor heating at the same time!

  2. Susie Wilkinson
    23 September, 2018 / 1:47 pm

    I tend to buy things like winter duvets and blankets in the spring when they’re on sale before the summer stock takes over, you can make some good savings by planning in advance!

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