7 Little Gifts To Give To High-Stress Friends

At the moment it’s fair to say we are all pretty stressed.  Just a few days ago, I read an article saying that, according to the World Health Organization, anxiety and depression will be the number one reason for sick leave globally and, of course, as we head off into the festive season, our stress levels are likely to rise even further. If you are looking for gifts to help your friends and family destress a little, the people at Artpix3D  have suggested a list of 7 very original anti-stress gifts:

The best stress-relieving presents

1.   A Gentle Alarm Clock

There’s nothing worse than starting the day to the shrill sound of a blaring alarm clock.  I don’t know about you but it makes me stressed before I’ve even left the warmth of my duvet!

Why not give a sunrise alarm clock which emits a soft light that gradually brightens to mimic the rising sun before the alarm goes off.  It’s a much more gentle way to wake up, especially since some models have nature sounds like birdsong or waves to ease you into the day.

2. 3D Photo Crystal

Sometimes we just need to be reminded about the good times and happy moments in our life and a great way to capture these is to have them engraved in personalised crystals. One of the best ways to engrave these moments is to order personalized crystals online. Artpix3D offer many useful ideas on how to transfer your memories into crystal on their website, for example, gifts to personalise your office and make it more friendly. There are loads of crystal gifts to choose from which are sure to please your stressed friend.

 3. A Yoga class membership

Due to the pace of our hectic lives, lots of us are carrying accumulated stress in our bodies – which is likely to have a long-term effect on our health. This is why more and more people are turning to the ancient discipline of yoga to relax and regain flexibility. And while many people would like to attend yoga classes, it’s only too easy to make an excuse and cry off due to other demands (hello Netflix).  A gift of a course of yoga classes may be just the motivation they need – especially if you go too.

4. Colouring Book for Adults

Did you spend hours painting and drawing when you were a child?  Do you remember how time ceased to exist and the pride you have in your completed artwork – even if they were a bit rough around the edges? Lots of us are returning to this hobby as adults and colouring books for adults are hugely popular because the act of painting or drawing generates mindfulness and tranquillity. There are also online colouring apps so your friend could even colour on their commute.

5. An Indoor Hammock

Reading a book, taking a nap, or simply listening to music are already relaxing activities, but relaxation is taken to another level altogether when you chill out in a hammock. Hammocks have no pressure points, allowing you to truly relax and release aches and pains, often caused by stress.  And, if they don’t have room for a hammock, what about an anxiety relieving weighted blanket or a soft snuggly throw?

6. Home Cleaning Service

It’s a vicious circle, isn’t it? You haven’t got the energy to clean, so you don’t clean then you look around your untidy house and feel even more stressed.  Then you feel guilty about not cleaning on top of that!

After a business day working, cleaning is often the last thing we want to spend our spare time doing when we should be catching up with “The Crown” or “Strictly” on TV. It can put you in a terrible mood having to choose between spending what little free time you have on cleaning or relaxing. If you have a friend who would appreciate a little domestic help, some paid-for cleaning is likely to earn you their undying friendship.

7. A Stress Ball

Cheap, simple and effective, when it all gets too much, a decent stress ball can be squeezed or thrown against the wall.  They are also good for releasing hand and finger tension for those who do a lot of typing. You can get stress balls with all kinds of themes and messages too.

If this list of 7 very original anti-stress inspirational best gifts has helped you or you’d like one or two of them for yourself, let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Laura
    29 November, 2020 / 3:35 pm

    I would gift a colouring book any day, they are very relaxing

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