Ditching Festive Stress for a Peaceful Christmas

Recent research shows that one in three British people are looking forward to a possible Christmas in lockdown. While they might be upset at not seeing people that they love, they are looking forward to not having to visit countless relatives, not having to cook a huge Christmas dinner and not having to please other people.

Christmas is stressful. We try to meet everyone’s expectations. We worry that we haven’t done enough, and we try to please everyone. Many families have arguments at Christmas time, as the stress gets too much, and secretly, many of us are looking forward to a different kind of Christmas. Here are some of the things that you can do to enjoy your holidays, without any of that stress.

Scale Back on Gifts

Gift buying is lovely, but it’s stressful. We worry that we haven’t bought enough, we try to find the perfect presents for everyone, and we drive ourselves crazy. This year, not being able to see people offers a great excuse to scale back. You can buy gifts for your household, but having to post parcels is expensive, and there’s always a risk that they won’t arrive on time, or will get damaged.

Instead of buying large, or multiple gifts, send your friends and family gift cards in a thoughtful Christmas card. You can use a site like giftsvouchers.co.uk to browse a wide range of options. They’ll understand you not wanting to post large gifts, and you’ll cut down on stress and save money.

Make the Most of Quieter Days at Home

Christmas day itself isn’t the only festive stress. The run-up can be pretty exhausting too. If you have young children, you might spend December visiting Santa, attending craft days, going to light switch on events and open-air ice skating. It’s a busy time, and with work and gift shopping, you might be burned out before the day arrives.

This year, even if we are out of lockdown by Christmas, many of these events have been cancelled. Instead, plan chilled out festive days at home, baking cookies and mince pies, watching Christmas movies and making your own Christmas cards or decorations.

Limit Your Spending

Money worries are a common cause of stress at this time of year. We feel pressured to buy things and worry about not meeting expectations. Learn from this year at home. Make budgets that you can take forward into future Christmases and pay attention to how much joy there is without all of the extravagances.

Post Early

Even if you are only sending cards and gift cards, it’s a good idea to post early. There will be more people sending cards and presents, so reduce the chance of a last-minute panic by getting everything organised and posted as early as you can.

This Christmas is bound to be a little different. Use it as a chance to get back to basics, to remember what Christmas is really about, and to enjoy time at home with your household. Remind yourself of all of the things that you love about Christmas time, without having to think about what anyone else wants to do, and try to take this forward to future holidays.


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