DIY Christmas decorations you can make yourself

Here we are in November, with only one month to go until the Christmas festivities – yes, you read that right! Now, it’s never too early to start decorating for the most wonderful time of the year, particularly given that we’ve got much more time to spend at home due to being in another lockdown. But before you whack out all of those decorations that have been sitting in your cupboard since last year, have a read of the Case Farm’s suggested DIY Christmas decorations that you and the kids could easily make at home. 

Homemade Christmas decoration ideas

Staircase Bows 

It simply wouldn’t be Christmas without the presence of some cute hanging bows. And so when it comes to decorating for the festive season, why not jazz up your staircase with these? If you’ve already got some bows lying around, perhaps make them even festive by sticking on some ornaments to their centres. When the time comes for you to secure the bows to your staircase, simply fasten them to some garland and attach your final masterpiece to the railings. 

Jingle Bell Table Decorations 

Now, aside from all the delicious food, decorations should be an important part of your Christmas dinner table. Speaking of this, why not make a Jingle Bell Runner? All you need for this DIY project is some dark and light green card, a pair of scissors, and some dazzling ornaments. 

The first step is to cut out your holly leaves from your card – a top tip here is to draw out a template of your leaf before cutting! After you have created your avalanche of leaves, stick these together in a line and lay them out on your table. Don’t forget to stick your jingle bells on them!

Christmas Card Tree 

Too many Christmas cards lying around the house? Here’s an idea: why not turn these into a tree? Simply get a bit of Blu tack and stick your festive cards onto your wall in a Christmas tree formation. When you get to the bottom of the tree, you could put in place a cute basket full of shiny ornaments. Oh, and you may even want to design your own star to put on top of your tree! 

Candy Cane Vase  

If you want to make sure your little ones don’t consume too many candy canes this holiday season, turning these sweet treats into makeshift decorations would certainly be a good way to go. An interesting option here is to make a DIY Candy Cane Vase. For this, simply stick on some candy canes to a glass vase using hot glue. Then, tie a red ribbon around the centre and generously fill with flowers! 

Candy Cane Garland 

Want to push the boat out even further with your candy canes? Say hello to Candy Cane Garlands – the sweet alternative to traditional garlands! To make the garland, use hot glue to stick an assortment of candy canes together, either in a heart-shaped or back-to-back formation. After this, fasten and loop red twines around the glued canes, and hang! 

Christmas Jumper Stockings 

Instead of throwing away that old Christmas jumper, why not make a stocking out of it? To do this, you simply need to trace a stocking template on your old jumper, and then cut and sew it inside out. Top tip: make sure that the foldover is sewn the opposite way! If you really want to go the extra mile with your Christmas jumper stocking, you may want to sew on the initials of whom it will belong to. 

Shiny Bright Wreaths 

Whether it’s placed on the front door or centred around the fireplace, a Christmas wreath is always guaranteed to spread a bundle of warm festive cheer. As wonderful as they are, you may want to give your traditional wreath a makeover this year. A tip here is to use ornaments to transform it. For this, use greening pins to stick on the baubles until the wreath is full and sparkling with dazzle.

Homemade Advent Calendar 

Last but not least, we can’t forget about the homemade DIY advent calendar. Whether you want a break from the chocolates, or just intend to craft something exciting and original for the festive season, this is a fantastic option. Simply make your own using some card, paper tags, and on-theme trinkets. Once made, be sure to place your makeshift advent calendar in the living room for the entire family to enjoy the sight of. 

And there you have it – eight easy and simple DIY Christmas decorations that you can make at home. As mentioned, we now have heaps more time to spend at home with the kids, and crafting such things with them through lockdown would be a great way of getting everyone together. Not to mention, your home would look very standout with these handmade festive features. If you’re looking for ways to store your crafty DIY bits, you may want to invest in the Case Farm’s tool box foam inserts. With these, you can say goodbye to your messy DIY drawer that is filled with all sorts of bits and bobs. 


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