Gift Guide: Top Gifts For Gamers For Christmas 2020 (*US Edition)

If your kids are anything like mine, gifts for gamers and gaming are at the top of their Christmas lists.  Here are their top picks for Christmas 2020 but you’ll need to be quick off the mark!  If you’re in the UK, scroll down to the bottom of each section for the UK link.

PlayStation 5

It’s not often that a new console comes out, but when it does, it’s a big deal. The new PS5 is a substantial upgrade from the PS4, which came out in 2016. The PS5 will play all of the latest games, and will be backwards compatible with the PS4 library.

With brand new hardware putting out cutting edge graphics, the PS5 is sure to be a hit with any gamers this holiday season. There are two main versions of the PS5. There’s the standard edition, and the digital edition.

The main difference between the two is that the standard edition has a disc slot, so you can play physically purchased games, while the digital edition only plays downloaded games.

The benefit of the digital edition is that it’s a bit slimmer and is also cheaper than the standard edition. Essentially, all of the new games coming to PS5 will be available for digital download, so the digital edition won’t be missing out on any major releases, but some people still prefer having a physical game library with discs and cases to pull from.

Either way, the console still performs just as well with its powerful hardware. Every part of the PS5 is more powerful than the previous PS4. The new CPU runs faster, enabling gamers to run more demanding, visually impressive and complex games.

The graphics processor is high end and can output impressive stats for the graphics in all ways. It’s capable of running at 4K resolutions, and even up to 8K, which is a rarity. This means you’ll see extremely high definition gameplay consistently.

Typically, with resolutions that high, you’d see a sacrifice in the frames per second or FPS. However, that’s not the case here. The PS5 runs at 120 FPS and a 120Hz refresh rate, which makes things look incredibly smooth and fluid.

Combine the resolution with the high framerate, and you get ultra-realistic gameplay. The PS5 peripherals have also been upgraded significantly. The PS5 control is more comfortable than ever and has some interesting features.

It has haptic feedback spread throughout the controller, meaning that you’ll feel the rumble features wherever it’s actually appearing on screen, and at varying amounts depending on what’s happening.

It also has adaptive trigger buttons on the back. This means that you may have to apply more pressure as you pull the trigger back, depending on what’s happening. If you’re pulling a bowstring in the game, you might feel it tighten further back on the trigger in real life.

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Xbox Series X

As all console announcements go, Sony and Microsoft announce theirs around the same time. While Sony is set to release its PS5, Microsoft is ready to release the new Xbox Series X.

This console is much more powerful than the previous generation and features quite a few upgrades that will appeal to gamers everywhere. One of the things that this console improved upon over previous generations is the airflow.

While it’s not that exciting to hear about, older consoles faced the issue of possibly overheating if left on for too long. The Series X has improved its design so that overheating is an issue of the past, ensuring that your console will last longer than ever before.

In terms of the more interesting stuff, the Xbox Series X is a powerful console. It has 12 teraflops of processing power, which essentially means that it will be able to handle far more demanding games and complex processes than ever before.

This translates into better-looking games, faster running games, and smooth framerates. It outputs true 4K resolution for its games, meaning that it’ll be crisp and clean on even the largest, newest TVs.

If you have a rare 8K TV, the Series X does support that as well, so you’re going to be able to run your favorite games at some very high resolutions. Even with these high resolutions, the console still runs at up to 120 frames per second, ensuring that it’ll be smooth instead of choppy.

Something that might be confusing for shoppers is the name. Previously, there was the Xbox One, and it had an enhanced edition released called the Xbox One X. This is an entirely different console than the Xbox Series X, so you need to be sure you’re getting the right one if you’re buying it as a gift for someone.

Otherwise, you might give them the system that they already own. The Series X has a unique system in which it has a development kit available to game developers to make games specifically for this system.

Games that do take advantage of this, of which there will be many, will result in a number of great features in their games. For example, games that have been built for Series X will have faster load times, which means less waiting around.

They’ll have vastly increased visual capabilities, as well as responsiveness, which can be very important in multiplayer games, especially for those that are played competitively.

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BENGOO G9000 Headset

Everyone who plays games these days, no matter what platform they play on, likely needs some good headphones. Headphones are great because they allow you to really get immersed, and since game audio and music is so advanced now, you really want that full stereo sound experience.

Additionally, many multiplayer games support voice chat, and some people have friends online that they like to chat with. The BENGOO G9000 headset provides a great quality headset at a very reasonable price.

First, this headset is very comfortable. If you’re going to be playing games for hours on end, you don’t want something that’s too tight on your head or is uncomfortable to wear. This headset features over-ear headphones, which have a soft, memory-foam like cover on them.

This gives them a nice, soft, cushiony feel. It also has an adjustable headband, so if you have a bit of a larger head, you can adjust it accordingly. It even has a flexible headband that contours to your head shape, giving you a perfect fit.

One nice part of this headset is its compatibility. It works with just about every platform there is, which is especially nice if you use more than one type of console. For example, if you have a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch, it will work with both of them just the same.

It also works with the Xbox One, PC games, and even smartphones as a pair of headphones. In many games today, communication with friends is key. The microphone on this headset is very good.

It can be adjusted up and down to pick up your voice from any angle, and it uses a built-in noise suppression system to keep out background noise and only focus on your voice.

This means that background conversations and white noise won’t be prevalent. Since more and more games now are supporting surround sound, this headset is a great choice since it supports that feature.

Surround sound is great especially for some competitive games, where you may need to listen keenly for footsteps, or in games where you just want to get immersed. The headset itself is well constructed and has a strong braided cable. Braided cables hold up much better than others, reducing the chances of damage.

It also has an in-line control switch on the wire that allows you to adjust the volume you’re hearing quickly, as well as a mute button for the microphone in case you need to have a conversation mid-game.

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Marvel’s Avengers

One of the hottest new games to release recently is Marvel’s Avengers. This game follows the titular Avengers, which were featured in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame in recent years.

These were some of the biggest movies in a long time, and they were loved by kids and adults alike. Now, you can get the chance to play as your favourite Avengers in this game, building up their powers and taking on evil forces.

This game takes on a third-person style, meaning it’s like the camera is behind the character. It’s an adventure game, so it’s focused a lot on the story as well as the combat and moving around from location to location.

This gets players more immersed in story than anything, but there’s still plenty of action to go around. Players can play by themselves in the single-player mode, or work with a friend in the co-op mode.

Some people prefer playing these story-driven games alone, so they can really get into it, but others might want to experience the action with their friends. The game does have separate missions for both, so you can get a full experience by doing either one.

The heroes in this game are very customizable. You can play as all of the different iconic Marvel superheroes, such as Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and so on. No matter who you’re playing as, you can customize them by switching up the powers and abilities they use as well as the gear and costumes.

They have all of the fan favourite outfits available to switch between, so they’ll look however you prefer them to. This game features something unique in that it’s still expanding the story for free.

It has a fully fleshed out story already, but as time goes on, they intend to add in more characters and more storylines without selling them as downloadable content. Instead, they’ll simply be free updates.

There are 3 main editions of the game available. The standard edition comes with just the game. The deluxe edition comes with some extra costumes, extra nameplates, and a free month of Marvel’s comic book reading service online.

The Earth’s Mightiest edition comes with some great stuff, too. It has blueprints for Iron Man’s suit, a steel book cover for the game, a keychain of Thor’s hammer, a Hulk bobblehead, a small poster, a 12 inch Captain America statue, and a few other goodies.

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Redragon S101 Keyboard and Mouse

PC gaming has become more and more popular over the years. It can be cheaper than consoles, or more expensive, but with much better hardware. Of course, you probably need a PC for most things like browsing the internet or getting work done.

In order to do most PC gaming, you need a good keyboard and mouse, because some keyboards and mouse bundles aren’t conducive to PC gaming. The Redragon S101 keyboard and mouse provide high quality, functional peripherals for PC gaming at a low cost.

They have all of the features that you would want with a high-end keyboard and mouse, giving you superior comfort and performance for the games that require it. Starting off with the keyboard, it’s very comfortable.

It has a wrist rest that many keyboards don’t have, which helps alleviate strain on them that you can get through prolonged use. Whether you’re typing for long periods of time or just playing games, your wrists can get strained without a rest.

The keyboard has a backlight to it that can be switched between a number of different RGB settings, which lights up the keys’ different colours. It has different settings for the brightness and the colour selection and also has a setting for a breathing mode, where it fades in and out.

While this is mostly cosmetic, it also helps you see the keys properly in the dark. The keys on the keyboard are tactile and responsive and are shorter than average keys. This means that it’s easier and faster pressing each key, which can actually take some considerable strain off of your fingers, especially if you’re typing for long periods of time.

The mouse is great, as well. It has an adjustable DPI, which essentially affects how fast the cursor moves when you move the mouse. At its lowest, it can go at 800, but it can also go as fast as 3200.

Adjustable DPI is nice because some games might work better with higher or lower DPIs. This mouse also has two additional programmable buttons where your thumb rests, allowing the user to assign them to do things in games or to give them extra functionality in web browsing and work. It also has an adjustable weight setting, which works by taking the weights out of the bottom of the mouse, so you can have it be as heavy or as light as you’d like it to be.

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