Put Your Memories in a Photo Calendar and Feel the Joy Again

We are in the 21st century, where everything is at our fingertips. With one touch on a screen, we can call our friends in the other part of the world. We pick up our phone to take pictures, read the news or shop. Now you can also check your stress levels through your phone.

While all this is amazing, I sometimes feel a kind of nostalgia for the days when the older, more traditional forms of communication helped us to create more meaningful and, arguably, longer-lasting connections.

For example, instead of meeting our friends, we resort to text messages; instead of asking our friends and family about them, we now read about them. Instead of making photo calendars,  we take pictures on our phone, which can be deleted in a second!

Our photo albums can be precious treasures recording our memories for generations to come but it’s not so easy to do that on a phone and there are risks involved in digital technology which, as a parent, I make sure my kids are well aware of.

If you take pictures and there’s a bug on your phone or computer, you may lose all the pictures. Or if your phone is stolen, it could mean that all the precious memories that you collected are now gone. Not only that but our digital images are at risk of being lost if we don’t back up our phones or we have not backed them up to a platform such as iCloud.

One solution to this is to create a photo calendar with which you can while away cold, rainy afternoons like these or share with the family at Christmas – let’s hope we will all be together this year!

Keep reading below to understand why you need a photo calendar:

1. Preserves Memories

Without a doubt, photo calendars play a pivotal role in preserving our memories. Have you ever noticed the smile on your parent’s faces when they turn the pages of their albums? When they see pictures of their childhood, them doing silly things, or their first dates or travels – it is not the same as scrolling through your phone and deleting the pictures just because your side pose does not look good enough.

It is a great idea to have a photo calendar, so you never lose those precious memories, and you can always look back and cherish them.

2. A Copy in Hand

While all of us share images on the internet or our preferred social media sites, getting photos on your computer isn’t the same as having something with a personal touch. Getting out a photo calendar can be a perfect conversation starter. Photo calendars provide an interesting opportunity to share the significant events in your life with your friends and family. They are beneficial to have around the house, especially when they are pixelated and crafted with festive objectives in mind.

Despite the undoubted benefits of digital photography, it has not particularly helped us to preserve our photos – especially since we now take more photos than ever before. Our cameras are always with us on our phones!

One great advantage we do have, however, is that we can quickly connect with professional photographers and printers and we can use the services of companies like Bonus Print to create photo calendars for you from the pictures you provide them. They will do all the legwork to provide you with a photo calendar you will cherish for a lifetime. Whilst it is easier to capture moments in their raw forms on your phone, it is much difficult to compile them in a photo calendar that is appealing and specially curated for you or the person who will receive it as a gift.

We all treasure our memories and a professionally printed photo calendar will last for many years and months to come.


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