10 Things You’ll Forget To Buy This Christmas (& Free Printable)

I was going to title this piece “The Mother Distracted Guide to Humbug-ery” and then I thought “best not”. Anyway, here’s my helpful list of things you might want to add to your Christmas shopping list on the basis that I like to be fully prepared for all possible emergencies, medical, psychological and social.

Christmas shopping list - cartoon of a small red car with an enormous Christmas tree on the roof

Most of these items are unremittingly dull.  But nowhere near as dull as trying to find a corner shop open on Christmas day whilst the husband is left to cremate the turkey and the kids dismantle any item costing more than a tenner which needs batteries….. which leads me to…

Things to add to your Christmas shopping list

1.  Batteries.

Best to buy in bulk over the internet if you’re organised.  If not, best join the queue in Argos for a pack big enough to power a space shuttle and spend 20 minutes watch the blinking TV screen as your order number takes an age to appear on the glamorous metal racking at the back of the sales assistants who would rather be anywhere else – probably doing their own Christmas shopping.

2.  Indigestion remedy.

Christmas is the only time of year when we are unnaturally possessed to consume our own body weight in dried fruit.  It ain’t pretty.  Better stock up on the indigestion remedies or some peppermint tea.

3.  Plasters.

Fabric.  Waterproof.  The sorts that are so strong that pain is involved in removing them. All other plasters float off as soon as they get wet, particularly any featuring Winnie The Pooh / Hello Kitty etc.

4. Wire cutters or very strong scissors.

Even the magician Dynamo would struggle to get out of some of the packaging toys come in these days.  You’ll need the fabric plasters to wrap around your fingers after it has taken you an entire festive episode of  Midsomer Murders to free Barbie and her range of microscopic accessories.

5. Tweezers.

After Caitlin’s “bead up the nose” incident, I’m taking no chances.  Plus I can’t remember the last time I actually scrutinized my eyebrows. And since we’ve got rid of the carpet and hubby has painted the floors, the risk of splinters in the foot (and even more annoyingly, shredded hosiery) is high. Less micro-pedi and more micro-shreddy.

Christmas shopping list - selection of Christmas baubles and berries with a lit tea-light lantern

6.  Bin bags.

Just remember that the ratio of packaging to gift for most of the stuff we buy these days is 85% packaging and 15% gift. However, failure to recycle correctly in this here shire may result in heavy tut-tutting from the locals and possibly a short prison sentence.  In our area, the council has decreed 2 black bags per wheelie bin every fortnight.  Good luck with that over Christmas.

7.  Fuel for the car.

No really.  If you’re off to see Aunty Vi in the back of Abercwmtwch, you just know that there won’t be a garage open this side of the Severn Bridge on Christmas day. Although come to think of it, that might actually be a good thing. You really don’t need a pasty and a copy of What Car magazine either. Don’t forget to make sure your car is fully prepared for winter travel too.

8. Enough cream..

Without fail if I buy a small amount, everyone wants some and if I buy it in pints, everyone wants custard.  I’m sure it’s deliberate.

9. A gravy boat and a cream jug.

What has happened to the nation’s fleet of gravy boats?  Are we all using Pyrex jugs or those strange jugs in the shape of a cow?  And I never have anything suitable to put cream in.  It’s not the same served straight out of the carton, is it?

10. An emergency present.

Tricky.  I find boxes of Matchmakers or Ferrero Rocher chocolates kept for this purpose usually vanish. You’ll just have to be strong or invest in a prettily wrapped gift card from somewhere like Marks & Spencer.

I’m sure you have your own list.  Let me know.  I bet there are loads of things I’ve forgotten!

What would you add to this Christmas shopping list?

For a free printable list of all my essential not-to-be-forgotten Christmas sundries, click here.


  1. Anonymous
    23 December, 2014 / 12:22 pm

    We forgot the turkey one year. Everyone thought someone else was organising it. That was a fun trip to the supermarket on Christmas eve…

  2. Lois Eaton
    22 December, 2014 / 6:40 pm

    Got the batteries, have never needed a plaster but Calpol is a good one to add plus milk tea bags sugar etc – easy to focus on the festive things and lose track of the mundane. Bottle opener and corkscrew – I have struggled with a cork and a knife at Christmas before. Pain killers are good too as well as pet food which can be overlooked and dishwasher tablets!

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