8 Types Of Blinds Your Home May Need In 2021

Blinds are the ideal option in providing privacy to your house, whether you live in the suburbs, apartment, or cabin. The best way to prevent prying eyes from infiltrating your home is to add these window treatments. 

Blinds generally include thin, individual wood, plastic, or metal strips that homeowners can readily adjust. Depending on the amount of light you want to leak in a space, you can simply adjust the same by raising or lowering the blinds. 

How To Choose The Right Blinds 

Blinds are the ideal choice if you want tiltable slats that allow light inside. Generally, they provide a clean, appealing fit that provides enough privacy as well. Bathrooms and bedrooms are ideally the best spaces to put up blinds. The only drawback is that blinds require more maintenance to keep them clean since the slats tend to attract grime and dust. However, they’re very easy to clean since all you have to do is wipe the dirt away. 

In selecting the best blinds for your home, remember that those with wider horizontal slats produce an illusion of more expansive windows and wider spaces in small rooms and apartments. Vertical blinds work best in windows with a sweeping view or across sliding glass doors. 

If you’re planning to put up new blinds for the coming year, here are some of the best styles that will absolutely beautify your home and keep your space private: 

  • Venetian Blinds 

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular types of window treatments. These blinds are a series of horizontal slats that stack with connecting cords or strips of fabric. When adjusting the blinds, pull the ropes to either rotate the slats or bring them up together. Although Venetian blinds are available in various materials such as vinyl or aluminium, most are made of wood. These blinds are ideal on narrow windows and are typically found in kitchens, bedrooms, and home offices.   

You can also find them in cordless designs that allow you to adjust the height by lifting or pulling the base. Venetian blinds do not provide enough insulation to your windows and seldom have blackout light control. However, if you are on a budget, Venetian blinds are the best choice. 

  • Roller Blinds 

Roller blinds are available in various colours, fabrics, and patterns. These blinds are suitable options for their light blocking capabilities, but this still depends on the materials. But some can effectively block the sun, especially the blackout blinds variants. 

The drawback with roller blinds is that they’re not adjustable for light or privacy purposes. They are more costly than the other types, but the decorative and aesthetic elements they provide in a space make them a worthy investment.  

  • Roman Blinds 

Roman blinds are a great option to enhance the style and design of a room. These blinds are made of fabric and fold onto themselves when you open them. You can choose from various materials and colours.  

The blinds work best in blocking out the sun and adding some degree of insulation. Since they are made of fabric, some manufacturers add lining. The blinds can lessen the temperature variation in a space if they fit securely in the window frame—making them ideal for areas with the hottest summers or the coldest winters. Depending on the material or lining you prefer, they lean on the expensive side but can provide an elegant touch to your space.  

  • Vertical Blinds 

In most houses, vertical blinds typically go well with sliding patio doors. These blinds utilize lengthy slats that rotate to filter natural light and glide to the side to open. The blinds are quite challenging to maintain and can be a hassle if you have young children or dogs. There are modified versions that have broad, sliding fabric sheets that are less likely to break.  

  • Pleated Blinds 

Pleated blinds have an accordion-shaped structure that folds on top of one another once you raise them. You can find them in two types—standard pleated and honeycomb/cellular design.  

The honeycomb variant is more effective in blocking sunlight than the standard option. The honeycomb blinds also work by trapping air between two to three layers of fabric, adding an extra barrier between your space and the window for energy efficiency. 

  • Mini Blinds 

Mini blinds are similar to Venetian blinds when it comes to structure and function. The only difference is that mini blinds have slender slats around an inch thick. Most are constructed with aluminium, making them a more affordable option than the standard Venetian blinds. One of their best features is that they’re low maintenance and lighter compared to other types. 

  • Smart Blinds 

Smart blinds are the best options for tech-savvy homeowners. For those who have modern homes, smart blinds work with your digital voice assistant. Through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can adjust the blinds’ height and slat angles to allow the right amount of light.  

These are installed the same way you install other blinds, but with the help of a Wi-Fi controlled motor on the upper bar. You can configure the engine to work with a mobile application on your smart devices or virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Apple Siri, or Amazon Alexa.  

You can program the smart blinds to open and close on a schedule. If you want the best choice for privacy and security, smart blinds are a good investment. Most of these blinds have a roller style, but some are also available in Venetian or hybrid designs. 

  • Automatic Blinds 

Automatic blinds have striking similarities with smart blinds. The only distinguishing factor is that the former cannot connect to smart home devices. Generally, these are roller shades that utilize motors at the top bar to adjust the slat angle and height with a remote control.  

These blinds have higher price tags than the standard blinds. However, they are still more affordable than smart blinds. 


When it comes to the appropriate lighting and privacy, choosing the right type of window treatment is essential. If you are eager to improve the lighting and privacy of your house next year, the addition of blinds is the best option. Depending on the level of privacy and the light control features you need, blinds offer the best of both worlds at affordable prices and elegant designs.


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