Children and hand sanitizer – everything you need to know.

As a parent, we want our children to be healthy, safe and happy. That’s what gives us joy and there is no better feeling in the world than to know that your child is happy, healthy and safe. How to make sure children stay healthy? Is hand sanitizer safe for children? These are normal questions to ask and today, with the help of Ocean Free, we’re answering them.

Ocean free supplies children hand sanitizer, fragrance-free hand sanitizer and scented hand sanitizer, so they have the expertise and experience to share everything you need to know about children and hand sanitizer. They explained that effective and regular hand hygiene is the best way to keep both you and your children healthy and far away from unwanted illnesses and diseases.

Hand hygiene can be done with water and soap or with hand sanitizer. When water and soap are not available, hand sanitizer is the best choice to make sure hands are bacteria, virus and germ-free. By using hand sanitizer, you can get rid of germs, bacteria and viruses and, in turn, reduce the spread of these to others.

Hand sanitizer is completely safe to use to clean children’s hands, however, it’s important to promote the safe use of hand sanitizer and to supervise children when using hand sanitizer. As this article on Baby Centre mentions “most alcohol-based sanitisers are fine to use on young children as long as you handle them with care.”

Young children should be supervised when using hand sanitizer to guarantee they are not “putting it in their mouths or rubbing their eyes when their hands are wet with hand sanitiser.” explains Mummy Mummy Mum. When hand sanitizer has dried on their little hands, they are free to rub their eyes and put their hands in their mouths as it will no longer be harmful to them.

Sometimes, hand sanitizer is better than soap and water. Motherhood the Real Deal shared a Spanish study that found out that “the frequent use of hand sanitizer, instead of water and soap, by toddlers resulted in less antibiotic use, fewer sick days and less respiratory infections.”

Fizzy Peaches recommends keeping bottles of hand sanitizer out of reach of children as well as teaching children on how to properly use hand sanitizer to make sure they stay safe and healthy.

If you are feeling like your child does not want to use hand sanitizer, maybe try to introduce them to scented hand sanitizers? Their favourite scents might encourage them to use hand sanitizer more often, keeping their hands clean and germ-free.


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