How Often Should You Get Your Air Conditioning Checked?

Turning on your air conditioner might not be practical now but once winter passes and the heat comes back, it’s going to be an essential appliance to rely on once again. Not a lot of people have their air conditioners inspected because it rarely has issues – unless the unit is already really old. Before things get serious, it might be time to have your air conditioning unit checked.

How Often Does It Need To Be Checked?

The good news is that you don’t have to have your air conditioning unit checked by a professional daily, weekly, or even monthly. Experts at Sun Air Services at least once a year. However, it actually depends on what part of the unit you want to be checked.

You’d want to have your air conditioning checked at least once before spring ends to ensure that it properly works once the first hot day of the year arrives. As for your heating unit, you need to have it checked before the end of autumn so that it’s ready before winter arrives. You basically want to ensure that your units are all working properly before their expected use.

It’s a different case when your air conditioner begins showcasing some telltale signs that there are issues amidst. Some of these issues include inadequate cooling, a loud humming sound, and a foul odour coming from the unit itself. In cases like these, it’s a must to get your air conditioner checked as soon as possible.

Why Do I Need To Get It Checked?

The obvious answer is that you’d want to make sure that your air conditioning unit is properly working during summer. It’s not easy having an air conditioning unit fixed. Sometimes, repairs take a few days, sometimes, it lasts before the day ends. As such, it’s vital to know that there are no lingering issues ahead of time.

It’s not just about keeping your air conditioner properly running. It’s also about making sure that the unit is clean inside and out. According to Well And Good, the filters inside the air conditioner and its other parts accumulate dust, mould, and bacteria over time. As the appliance is responsible for letting air circulate around the room, this means that all those unwanted materials are going to circulate as well.

You are putting yourself and your family at risk of various respiratory diseases by breathing in the air that a dirty unit circulates. As per Mayo Clinic, a common disease acquired from this is Legionnaire’s. It is caused by the legionella bacteria that can develop in water systems such as the ones found in the air conditioning unit.

It doesn’t take a lot of money and time to have your air conditioning unit checked. In fact, you’ll probably spend and wait a lot more if you don’t get it checked as there could be some lingering issues that can grow worse over time. It’s a must that you call for professionals at least twice a year so that your air conditioning unit is running as properly as possible.


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