Sicily: Italy’s Most Charming Island

It is an almost impossible task to prepare a guide to things to discover in Sicily. Stylish cities, sea, mountains and archipelagos shape this wonderful island to explore.

An Endless List of Things to Explore

The evocative images of this marvellous island, its most magnificent beaches, islands, sunny days, vineyards, volcanoes, baroque palaces, orange groves, the fragrance of cunzatu bread and panelle and the colours of the nature reservoirs just evoke its name. In addition to that, a Sicily villa with pool guarantees intimacy and comfort when you choose the location where you want to stay during your holidays.

Sicily is a Corner of Paradise

Italy’s biggest island will surprise you with its beautiful hills, temples, sea and cities. You will find in this corner of paradise surrounded by the Mediterranean numerous testimonies of occupations and invasions still visible in the incredible architecture as well as fantastic beaches, sleepy cities on the sea, hard inland territories and old traditions that will give you the feeling of a bit like in a Sciascia’s book.

The Incredible Islands of Sicily

Then there are the islands; well worth visiting the archipelagos that surround Sicily: the Aeolian, Egadi, Pelagie, Pantelleria and Ustica. Sicily offers a surprising journey that you can explore along the road; among the most popular itineraries there are those to discover Western and Eastern Sicily.

There is an endless list of places to see in Sicily, you will be constantly surprised by things to see from the coast to the hinterland. Planning a tour of Sicily, is very much dependent on personal taste. But we know for sure that Sicily changes you after having tasted it; you will live in the constant feeling of wanting to return there, of wanting to discover a new place, a new island and to capture the full enjoyment of this wonderful land.

Some More Really Interesting Places to Visit in Sicily

Monreale is a wonderful city you should visit in Sicily. The brilliance of the city is given above all by the golden and polychrome mosaics of the Cathedral. In the past it was a mosque, but today it preserves in the decorations of its walls a touch of Arab, Venetian and Byzantine masters. It is a highlight in the field of architecture. Besides being one of the most important cloisters in Italy for its size and the beauty of its double columns, the Benedictine monastery is one of the most significant cloisters in Italy.

The city of Segesta is an amazing town founded by a local people and it was well mixed with Greek and then Roman culture. Already in the V century B.C. an amphitheatre was built on the top of a hill, where during the summer plays of great historical and landscape value were staged. The Doric construction was never finished, the Doric construction never had a roof. However, it is imposing on a plateau at the top of the hill and the view from there is unparalleled.


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