5 Ways Vision Boards Can Help Create A New You

Are you looking to make big changes in your life? If so, vision boards could be just the tool you need.

Transforming any area of your life isn’t always easy. Although you may start out with high levels of motivation, it’s easy to lose it along the way. Vision boards help you to keep sight of your goals, increasing your chances of achieving them.

Here, we’ll look at just 5 ways vision boards can help you to transform into the new you.

Helping you to stay focused

In order to achieve any goal in your life, you need to be able to stay focused. The more focused you are on achieving something, the more likely it is you’ll reach it. Vision boards can really help you to stay focused on the goals you’ve set.

So many people don’t realize the true potential they have inside themselves. When you start to adjust your focus onto achieving a personal goal, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can achieve it. Absolutely nothing will stop you if you stay focused.

A useful tip here is to focus on just one goal at a time. This will allow you to use up all of your focus on achieving that one thing. This is so much more beneficial and effective than focusing on several things at the same time.

Keeping you motivated

Another important element for transforming your life is motivation. Without it, you’re more likely to fail than you are to succeed.

Vision boards can really help to boost your motivation as well as your focus. As you look at the board each day, it will remind you why you are making changes. Provided you’ve used the right images and materials, it will inspire you to carry on, even when it’s difficult.

Helping you to believe your dreams are possible

Often, one of the main things which hold us back in life is self-doubt. For example, you may want to lose weight, but you’ve so far been unsuccessful. So, you start to believe subconsciously that it’s an unachievable goal.

When you create a vision board, it helps you to develop an emotional connection to your dreams. You’ll start to believe the changes you want to make are possible. This makes a huge difference to the likelihood of success.

You can use them to transform all areas of life

The most common vision boards are those which focus on major life goals. However, did you know you can use them to transform all areas of your life?

Perhaps you’re looking to quit smoking, or you simply want to get healthier. Whatever personal transformation goals you have, a vision board can help you to achieve them. The goals don’t have to be huge. Whatever you need help to change, a vision board will give you the focus, motivation and commitment to succeed.

Easily monitor your progress

It’s impossible to make changes without monitoring your progress. In order to stay focused and motivated, you’re going to need to see continuous progress. If you don’t, it’s going to demotivate you and potentially cause you to give up on your goals.

As well as looking at the vision board every day, you can keep a journal to keep track of your progress. Commit to writing down the steps you’ve taken to achieve your goal and the progress you’ve made so far.

These are just some of the ways vision boards can help you to transform your life. Whether you’re looking to quit smoking, lose weight, gain more financial freedom or simply get healthier, a vision board can increase your chances of success.

Creating the New You One Goal at a Time

Vision boards are a great way to transform all aspects of your life. However, if you want to ensure they deliver the best results, it’s important to focus on one goal at a time.

General life goal vision boards are great at establishing what you want from life in the long term. However, when it comes to creating a whole new you, it’s most beneficial to create a vision board for each goal you want to achieve.

Here, you’ll discover why it’s important to focus on just one goal at a time.

The power of focusing on one goal

Even if there are quite a few goals you need to work on to transform yourself, focusing on just one is going to be most effective. It’s easy to underestimate just how difficult it is to change a habit.

Focus is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. When used solely on one thing at a time, you can create long-lasting changes in a much faster timeframe than if you were to focus on several things at once.

So, as tempting as it might be, avoid creating a vision board which focuses on several improvements. Stick to just one thing at a time and you’ll see much faster more effective results.

It’s less stressful

Initially, setting yourself a lot of goals can be exciting and motivating. However, it won’t take long for you to realize that it can actually be pretty stressful.

When you’re working on more than one goal at a time, it can easily become overwhelming. You can forget where you’ve got to with each goal, plus it’s so much more difficult to focus on changes if they’re too diverse.

You may start to feel out of control of your goals when you have too many to work on. So, if you want to reduce your stress levels and increase your chances of success, creating one new goal at a time is highly recommended.

You’ll gain motivation and confidence

In order to achieve any personal development goal, you need to have motivation. This is something you can gradually build up through using vision boards. However, it’s hard to stay motivated when you’re trying to work on multiple goals at the same time.

The trouble is, it’s impossible to give each goal your full attention if there’s more than one of them. This means it’s easy to make a mistake or not follow through with one goal as you’re focusing on another. If this happens, it will only cause your motivation levels to drop.

When you work on just one goal at a time, you’ll find it much easier to stay motivated. All of your focus will be on that one goal, reducing the likelihood you’ll veer off-course.

Similarly, it will also boost your confidence. As you start to see results on that one goal you’ve set yourself, you’ll feel a sense of pride. You’ll realize you can achieve your goals and transform yourself. As you start to become the person you want to be, your confidence will keep on growing.

Building up consistency

Finally, focusing on just one goal at a time works because it builds up consistence. Just like motivation and focus, consistency is key to achieving any goal you set yourself. It’s also one of the biggest challenges in life. In order to make changes, you need to be consistent.

As you focus each vision board on one particular goal, it teaches you consistency. You’ll be following that goal every single day, taking steps to achieve it. Once you’ve mastered one goal, you’ll know exactly how to achieve the next.

The above are some of the ways creating a new you one goal at a time is important. So, if you’re looking to create a vision board to transform your life, make sure you focus on just one goal at a time.

Don’t Make These Common New You Vision Board Mistakes!

Ready to get started on your vision board to create a new you? Before you do, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with some of the most common vision board mistakes.

There are actually quite a lot of mistakes you can make when creating a vision board to transform your life. So, if you want to boost your chances of success, below you’ll discover some of the most common new you vision board mistakes to avoid.

Don’t fall for advertisements

A large part of designing vision boards no matter what the goal, is finding images you can include onto it. These are typically found in magazines.

The trouble is, when you’re trying to change yourself, the magazines you’ll be using for inspiration could actually sway you to focus on goals that aren’t really yours. This is because magazines tend to contain a lot of advertisements telling you what you need in life. It could be anti-ageing products or specific locations you should travel to.

Ensure you aren’t swayed by advertisements when finding the right images for your board. It should only contain things which inspire you and fit the goals you want to make for yourself.

 Avoid using too many pictures

While the right images can make a huge difference to your vision board’s success, it’s important not to use too many. If you include too many pictures, it can be overwhelming for your mind.

Just like when the home is cluttered, a vision board with too much going on is going to leave the mind feeling cluttered too. In order to work, they need to provide focused attention. So, the fewer pictures you include, the easier it will be to focus on your goals.

Ensure you’re fully clear on what you want

A vision board is only going to work if you know what it is you want. So, when setting your first new you goal, ensure you make it as clear and concise as possible.

If you are looking to lose weight, be sure to set a specific goal, rather than a vague one. For example, setting a goal to lose two pounds each week is going to be far more effective than simply setting yourself a goal to lose weight generally.

Once you’re clear on exactly what it is you want, that’s when you can really start taking steps to achieve it.

Don’t place the board in an obscure place

Once you’ve created your vision board, you’re going to need to be able to look at it every day. Placing it in an obscure place is therefore going to be detrimental to your progress.

Ensure you place the vision board somewhere that’s easily in view. For many people, hanging it on the wall in the bedroom is the best option. However, it could also work sticking it onto the refrigerator or anywhere you use on a daily basis.

Addressing internal issues

It’s all well and good having goals. However, if you don’t address any internal issues you may have, a vision board may not be as effective as it could be.

For example, if part of your new you transformation is changing the way you look, this might not automatically deliver more confidence. If you have deep-rooted self-esteem issues, these will need to be addressed in order to truly gain new improved confidence.

So, don’t use the vision board as an alternative to address your issues. Working out any issues you may have before you start one, will increase the chances of your vision board’s success.

Commit to taking action

Finally, one of the most common mistakes you can make with a vision board for a new you is to fail to take any action. Some people mistakenly believe that creating the board and displaying it somewhere is all they need to make it work. However, you also need to commit to taking action.

Use the vision board to inspire you, but make sure you’re taking steps each day to achieve the goals you’ve set.

As you can see, there’s a lot of mistakes you can make when creating a vision board to transform your life. The above are some of the most common mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Maintaining Motivation on Your New You Journey

Creating a new you vision board isn’t going to automatically make you achieve your dreams. Perhaps the most important thing you’re going to need to manifest your new life is motivation.

When used correctly, vision boards can boost your motivation to succeed. However, you’re still going to need to be able to generate your own motivation from time to time.

So, if you want to ensure you succeed on your new transformation journey, here you’ll discover how to maintain motivation when using a vision board. The tips below will really help you to stay focused on your goals.

Ensure you use a range of materials

While pictures can be extremely useful at boosting motivation, they aren’t all you’re going to need. It’s important to use a variety of materials in order to maintain motivation along the way.

Think about adding different textures for example. Think ribbons, paper clips and even scrabble tiles. The different textures help to really unleash your creativity. As you look at the vision board daily, you’ll be inspired by the different materials which catch your eye.

Using stickers is another great idea as they allow you to add your own personality to the board. The more you resonate with what’s on the board, the more motivated you’re going to be.

Make sure you look at it every single day

This tip is extremely important if you want your vision board to be a success. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to create the board and then just leave it.

You’re going to need to look at the board every single day. So, make sure it’s placed somewhere you’ll see it easily. It could be hanging it in the bedroom, so you see it every morning and evening for example.

You’ll struggle to stay motivated if you can’t see the goals you’re working towards.

Don’t be afraid to make changes

There’s a high possibility when you create the vision board for a new you, that you’ll need to make changes. This is because when you initially created the board, you might not have been aware of various obstacles.

You may even find that the initial goals you set aren’t motivating enough. So, if you do notice the vision board isn’t delivering the results you expected, don’t be afraid to make changes.

As you begin to transform your life, you’ll notice your goals can change drastically. Embrace these changes and don’t forget to reflect them and your new goals onto the vision board.

Focus only on specific goals

In order to maintain motivation, you need to have specific, clear goals to work towards. If they’re vague, you’re going to struggle to track them and see any real progress.

So, when setting your goal, make sure it’s as specific as possible. Break it down too, highlighting the steps you need to take in order to achieve it. As you progress, you’ll start to develop more motivation. The more specific your goals are, the more motivated you’re going to be.

Find a role model

Did you know having a role model can really boost your motivation? Adding a picture of your role model, or one of your favourite quotes from them onto the vision board can work wonders for motivating you. Not sure who to choose? Think about the goal you’re working towards and then find someone who has achieved it.

Then, once you have a role model in mind, spend time reading and listening to their advice. Watch YouTube videos if they have any, read their books or simply ask them for advice if you know them personally. Having a role model is sure to significantly boost your motivation.

It can be difficult to maintain motivation when you’re working towards any goal. However, the tips above can really help. The more motivated you become, the easier you’ll find it to achieve your goals.

5 Ways to Make Your Vision Board Super Effective

Now that you know the benefits of creating a vision board and the mistakes to avoid, it’s time to look at ways to make it more effective. There are a few tips and tricks you can follow to increase the effectiveness of a vision board.

So, if you’re looking to fast-track your progress and make a vision board work for you, check out the tips below. You’ll discover 5 great ways to make your vision board super effective.

Make sure you focus on the most important goal first

Even if there’s a lot of things you want to change about yourself, focus on just one thing at a time. More than that, focus on the most important goal first.

So, think about the goal that will make the biggest difference to your life right now. Do you need more sleep for example? Or maybe you need to quit smoking to improve your health? By focusing on the most important goal first, it’s going to deliver the biggest wellbeing benefits.

Be clear and specific about each goal

Each goal that you do decide to address, make sure you make it clear and specific. You should use the vision board to create a very specific goal to follow such as losing at least two pounds each week. This is going to help to keep you motivated and see the fastest progress.

The less clear you are about the goal, the less effective it’s going to be. So, think of your goal, then break it down as much as you can. You may find for example, that once you break down your goal, there’s actually a lot of mini-goals which first need to be completed.

Know that you’ll need to put the work in

Vision boards are an effective tool, but they aren’t going to transform you unless you put the work in. Use the board to motivate you to make the changes necessary.

The key to becoming the best version of yourself is focus. You need to be 100% focused on achieving the goal that you set. This means, you’re going to really need to want it. If you don’t want it badly enough, you’re not going to be willing to put the work in that’s required to achieve it.

Consider creating an anti-vision board

Have you ever heard of an anti-vision board? It’s basically a vision board which consists of the things you don’t want. The idea is you’ll look at the board to motivate you to avoid whatever is on it.

An example would be if you’re looking to lose weight. You could place images of yourself at a larger weight, or pictures of organs which have been damaged by obesity, giving you a powerful motivator to get healthier.

Anti-vision boards work just the same way as a traditional vision board. You could even create one of each board so you can see what you don’t want, followed by how to achieve what you do want.

Focus on your feelings not your thoughts

When putting together a vision board to create a new you, it’s easy to get ruled by your thoughts. The trouble is, your thoughts can often be filled with doubts and limitations. So, it’s best to focus upon how you feel and how the goals you’re setting will make you feel.

By focusing on your feelings rather than your thoughts, you’ll be able to create better, more fulfilling goals.

Overall, vision boards can be a fantastic tool for helping you to transform yourself. As you’ve now discovered, there are a lot of mistakes you can make when creating a vision board for your goals. So, by familiarizing yourself with these mistakes, and following the tips above, you’ll be able to create the most effective vision board to help you recreate your life.


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