5 Essential Gifts To Surprise Your Long-Distance Boyfriend This Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about men flattering women with the choicest of roses, it’s also women expressing their feelings for the men in their lives. This guide is especially for the women out there who have been in long-distance relationships with their partners and have not let it affect their relationship. This Valentine’s Day, strengthen your bond by surprising your man with these simple yet necessary gifts.

Gifts For Your Long-Distance Lover

1. A grooming kit

One important aspect of long-distance is video calling and who doesn’t like to look like a star on video? 

If your man is someone who also obsesses about the perfect moisturizer, toner, and cleanser, this would be the best Valentine’s Day present for him. Help your man with his skincare and haircare routine by gifting him something to make the tedious process of grooming easier. Different brands offer different types of kits, and you can pick the best one for your man – according to the flavours, fragrances, brands, and skin type.

If by any chance he’s already set with his kit, you can maybe add some accessories like alum block, shaving brushes or if you want to add some classic gentleman’s touch to it, maybe a Dovo Bismarck razor will do.

2. An Amazing Scent/Perfume

Another essential part of toiletry that you can bless your long-distance sweetheart with is a surprise scent that leaves him wanting for more, and you, wishing you could be there! 

Whether it’s a Calvin Klein or a Versace, every perfume brings a little special something along with it.

3. Wrist Watches

Buying a wristwatch is tricky – it’s so easy to buy but difficult to get it right! Essential nevertheless, one must do their research on the type of watch that your partner likes to wear. You could do this by noticing the kind of straps, dials, and colours that he chooses for certain events.

 A good wristwatch is quite possibly a great valentine’s gift for someone who is miles away from you. What better symbolical gift to remind them that you’ve been waiting for a long time? Cheesy but romantic, isn’t it?

While choosing the ideal watch, try checking for options in different brands. Picking a non-exclusive watch is a strict no-no. Without a doubt, this is a great valentine’s gif that will be treasured by your partner for a long time to come.

4. Home-made gifts with a personalized touch

Whether it is a customized gift or a home, made one, you have a few options. You can look for shops both online as well as offline to explore different types of gifts from T-shirts, mugs, laptop bags to pillow covers. 

 There are tons of customized presents for the day and are also sold quite heavily during the festive season. A portion of these presents resemble stunning thoughts like the Love in the Bottle, where you can nail down an adoration letter to him and envelop it by a container, or you can make your one online with various mottos, pictures, textual styles, and tones. Seal the deal with their favourite chocolate bouquets, dark chocolate, or white chocolate!

5. Raise a toast to your loved one

Valentine’s Day is all about adoration and fondness. Nothing serves as the perfect mood-setting experience than picking a glass of champagne or wine to create a buzz in the virtual air. This is a great idea for couples who like to have date nights together, even online. So what if you can’t meet each other, a little tipple should help you move past that.

Likewise, you can select a bottle of champagne or wine with a lot of red roses to make your Valentine’s Day blessing for your partner even more romantic. Surprise him by building the act up and ensuring that he doesn’t expect it at all!


So here we are at the end of this virtual guide for presents. Now that you have some ideas of the many different types of gift for men there are, it’s your chance to choose which one is the best for your man. Let me know which one you picked and why!


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