Healthy Habits to Control Your Child’s Sugar Intake

If you think your child consumes too much sugar, then you should start teaching them about the importance of healthy eating habits. Such habits will ensure they can maintain normal growth and healthy weight. Also, the eating habits adopted by your children will ensure that they can maintain a healthier lifestyle as they grow older.

Professionals such as nutritionists can weigh into the matter and advice you on whether your child needs to lose or gain weight. They can offer some insight into the dietary changes that will work depending on certain factors.

The most important factor when it comes to eating healthy is portion control. Also, it is advisable to reduce your child’s sugar intake. To lead a healthy diet, you should include the following in your diet:

  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Lean meat cuts
  • Poultry with no skin
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Cereals and whole-grain bread

The amount of sugar and salt should also be regulated in your child’s diet. If your child is overweight, you should not place them on a restrictive diet.

To control your child’s sugar intake, you should consider the following habits:

Children Should be Encouraged to Eat Slowly

When a child is hungry, they should eat slowly. Before the child requests more food, they should wait for at least 15 minutes. If they are still hungry, they can ask for more food. The second serving should be smaller as compared to the first one. If possible, the second serving should consist of more vegetables and fruits.

The Family Food Choices Should Be Guided

Ensure there are different healthy foods in the house; this helps ensure that the children can learn more about how healthy foods are prepared. Some of the unhealthy choices that should be avoided include soda and chips. Water should also present during each meal.

Children Should be Involved During Shopping and Preparing Meals

Such activities help to ensure you have learned more about the foods that your children prefer. Your children will also learn more about nutrition in the process. Your children will also have a sense of accomplishment. Also, they will be willing to try out different meals which they helped to prepare.

You Should Eat Together as a Family

When you get together as a family during meals, you will enjoy the experience. Such moments should be pleasant such that the kids will not eat fast and leave the table because of an unpleasant experience.

Formulate Family Goals

Desserts can be taken during the weekends. The children should also be encouraged to consume enough water daily to ensure that they are properly hydrated. You can purchase snacks for your children from online shops such as The Lolli Shop for their consumption over the weekend.

Your Children Should Consume Balanced Meals Throughout

As you take your children to school, you should take time to inquire about the lunch program at school. Alternatively, your kid can carry packed lunch; that way, you can ensure they are consuming a balanced meal. As you dine at restaurants, you can opt for healthier items.


Always focus on the portions and the ingredients being used to prepare different meals. Choose foods that contain low levels of fat.


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