Smart Scales: A Beginner’s Guide 

Approximately 38% of New Year’s resolutions made annually are related to health and fitness. For most people, eating healthy, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping track of their body fat levels are a priority. Smart scales, such as GetFitTrack, use some of the latest health technology inventions that make staying healthy easier. 

Smart scales greatly differ from traditional scales because they tell you more than your weight. If you use a traditional weighing scale, knowing your weight may seem enough, but you miss out on the bigger picture. Your weight is just part of the puzzle. A smart scale allows you to better understand your body and what you need to do to lead a healthier life. 

Don’t make the price your only consideration.

For most beginner’s, the decision to purchase a smart scale is the easy part. Choosing one can be a little harder, considering the array of smart scales in the market. While most smart scales perform similar functions, some offer more features. 

The price tag varies considerably, and this adds to the confusion. Some smart scales cost as low as $20, while others cost as much as $200. Before buying a smart scale, you need to note that an expensive smart scale is not necessarily better than the cheaper ones. 

Although manufacturers of smart scales with a higher price tag justify the price by alluding to additional features, you might be surprised to find a cheaper one with all the functions you need. So, while comparing prices is critical, you need to look at the price against the smart scale’s benefits. 

What to expect from a smart scale.

A smart scale should give you an idea of the state of your health. This is what is missing in traditional scales. Knowing your weight, though important, is not enough when it comes to telling the state of your health. Smart scales measure various health indicators, including bone mass, body fat, body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, hydration level and much more. 

Before buying a smart scale, you need to determine what health indicators you will be getting when you use the scale. It would help if you examined the features against your priorities to ensure you get the right smart scale. 

Is the smart scale compatible with your devices?

Smart scales are designed to communicate with other devices through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. For example, if you opt to connect your smart scale to your home’s Wi-Fi, all the data it collects will be transmitted to your phone through your home network. 

If you are already using an app and fitness tracker on your phone, it may be best to get a compatible smart scale to ensure all your data is captured on the same dashboard. For example, if you are using the Fitbit app, it is best to get a Fitbit smart scale. 

How many people will be sharing the smart scale?

Smart scales are designed to be shared, so you need not worry about getting more than one scale if you have more people interested in using it. However, smart scales can only collect and store data for a limited number of people. 

Some smart scales can accommodate a maximum of eight profiles, while others offer up to twenty profiles. So, it is best to choose a smart scale that can comfortably accommodate your family members.

Additionally, you should have the plans for your family unit in mind. For example, are you planning on expanding your family? If so, you should consider getting a smart scale with a bay or pregnancy mode. This way, the new mum can get accurate readings based on body changes during pregnancy and after birth. 

Read reviews on the accuracy of smart scales.

Questions have been raised about the accuracy of smart scales, considering the array of health indicators. How confident are you in the readings you receive from any given smart scale? 

While it is true that readings can vary from one smart scale to another, often the reading does not differ so much from the indicator. For example, you can have different body fat readings, but if your body fat content is high, the readings will indicate this. 

However, some smart scales offer more accurate readings and the best way to know this is by finding out what users say about their favourite smart scales. 

You no longer have to live blindly when it comes to what is going on within your body. A smart scale gives you a glimpse of your heart rate, and the impact your weight loss strategy has on your wellbeing.


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