The Two Must Have Products for Ageing Women

Life expectancy, especially in developed countries, is on the rise.  As a result, more people, women included, are grappling with the issues that come with ageing. These issues, such as loss of bone density, the development of health issues and external impacts such as the appearance of wrinkles, can cause consternation and discomfort and make ageing a negative experience. Women around the world have been seeking solutions to the adverse effects ageing has on their bodies and companies like Hey Nutrition have answered the call by providing products like Tumeric Extract and Collagen Complex.

Collagen is a substance that delivers powerful benefits to the ageing woman. It is a protein that facilitates skin elasticity and healthy joints. The human body naturally comprises collagen and lots of it too. This protein makes up one-third of the total protein content in the human body. Collagen can be found in bones and blood. It is also part of what makes up the skin. In fact, three-quarters of the human skin is collagen.

Although in youth, the body has a strong supply of collagen, this reservoir depletes with ageing.  When collagen starts to decrease the body changes in many ways; wrinkles start to appear, joint problems emerge, and hair and nail quality also decrease.

You can encourage the body to produce more collagen by consuming foods that support the combination of amino acids (which are the building blocks of protein). These foods include;

  •         Egg whites, mushrooms, dairy, asparagus and cabbage which contain proline
  •         Pork skin, gelatin, chicken skin and other protein-rich foods which contain glycine
  •         Bell peppers and citrus fruits that contain vitamin C
  •         Nuts and seeds, cheese, lentils, beef, lamb, pork and other foods that are high in zinc content
  •         Cocoa powder, sesame seeds, organ meats and cashews which contain copper

But it can be difficult to establish and maintain the ideal collagen supporting diet. Supplementation is, therefore, the ideal solution to the issue of decreasing collagen levels in the body.  Collagen supplements support healthy ageing by optimizing the skin’s hydration and reducing or delaying osteoarthritis by supporting bone health.

When collagen is absorbed by the body, it helps the skin to maintain its ability to stretch or be flexible. This results in a delay in the appearance of wrinkles and a reduction where wrinkles were already evident.  The joints also benefit from collagen supplementation. Other benefits of collagen supplementation include decreasing blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Collagen supplements, which may come in powder or liquid form, vary in quality and therefore impact. Collagen supplements that have been combined with other natural substances that augment their impact provide optimum results.  To produce the most beneficial results, a collagen complex which combines with hydraulic acid and sea kelp is ideal and will offer additional benefits such as healthier hair and nails, improved immune response and weight management.

Turmeric is another powerful supplement when it comes to the support of healthy ageing. Because it has excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a great supplement to combat the negative impacts of ageing.  Tumeric has had a long history of use in ayurvedic medicinal practices and in recent times has become a popular fixture in mainstream wellness arenas.

Turmeric is beneficial to hair and skin, two of the body’s features that are impacted by ageing in a very visible way.  Turmeric fights inflammation, which results in healthier skin.  Another reason this spice is great for the skin is its natural multiplying effect on collagen. This is why many skin products such as face masks and moisturizing creams that help to combat wrinkles include some amount of turmeric extract.

Turmeric is also great for immune support.  This is why the spice has been associated with a reduction in illnesses such as colds. Its antioxidant functions also make it ideal for removing and controlling the free radicals in the body that speed up the signs of ageing. Other benefits of turmeric include improved weight loss and improved brain function.

Turmeric is easily found as it is a popular spice. It can be found on supermarket shelves and is in most kitchen cupboards. And since it has been developing a powerful reputation for helping millions of ageing women to keep their skin and hair glowing and healthy, it is also popular in health food and wellness stores.

Many women around the world have already recognized that the right nutritional supplementation will help to secure a quality of life that makes the ageing process less stressful and more enjoyable.  These two must-have products are undoubtedly essential for those women who wish to age gracefully and enjoy a better quality of life as they mature.


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