What Your Smile Says About You

Smiles are ever so important, as they communicate everything from your mood to your personality.

Better yet, they come completely naturally. Even babies bear a cheeky grin, or a full-on belly laugh from time to time! If they can enjoy it so much, what’s stopping you? There’s no training required, nor do you need any skills – it’s simply a universal pleasure that no one should be robbed of!

While a smile is always free, they can also bring some incredible positives to your life too! They say many great things about you, demonstrating qualities that everyone looks for in a person. You can find out what those attributes are below!

That You’re Approachable

There’s a certain vulnerability to smiling because in doing so, you’re laying your cards out on the table and telling the world how you feel.

People gravitate towards those who are friendly and approachable, yet at the same time, people can be shy and guarded with how they’re really feeling. It’s the eternal dichotomy of humanity! Whether it’s because they want to look cool or because they’re distrusting of strangers, not everyone is quite so ready to take the plunge and serve up a big grin.

The Guardian ran an interesting piece in 2015, stating that photographs from earlier periods of history typically featured subjects who looked utterly glum, which seems to be surprisingly true. The same source goes on to note that Charles Darwin, who among other things well-known for being a cheerful family man, was often pictured as being completely absent of emotion. The larger point here is, some people put on a façade, but if you smile, you’re laid bare. People warm to that these days, so don’t follow the example of the Victorians! We’ve all moved on.

That You Look After Yourself

Every smile is a lovely smile on some level, but if someone does grin with black and battered teeth… well, it can be a bit of a shock, to say the least.

Your oral health does not stand apart from your general health – the two are so closely interlinked that they are, effectively, the very same thing! Poor oral hygiene can be reflective of your diet, or whether you’re a heavy drinker, smoker, or an otherwise ardent drug user. No one should ever be judged based on their looks, but when the signs are obvious, then… well, they’re obvious!

If you want to revamp your look to show that your life is on track, or even if you purely just want to go about with a loud and proud grin, that’s all perfectly valid! Your smile is great for some customisation, and you can wear braces, have white fillings installed, and cap all it off with some effective teeth whitening techniques!

For the best results, visit your dentist for braces and fillings, and try the whitestrips from Crest. EuroWhite explain that Crest offers a great range of products, some of which can remove stains that have been accumulated for over 14 years! Their offerings are also incredibly affordable, and really get the power of your smile back on track. They offer toothpastes, brushes, and floss too, so all your oral hygiene needs can be found in one place.

That You’re in Control

Your smile is a strategy, and how and when you use it paints a great picture of your outlook on life.

According to The Telegraph, fake smiling can help you turn your frown upside down, even if the emotional charge behind it isn’t really there at first. Obviously, it would be a bit peculiar if you had a permanent smile fixed to your face, and no doubt the muscles you use for expression would begin to ache after a while. Still, if you make an occasional effort to wear a smile, it might just be you can dupe yourself into being genuinely happy.

A smile is also a great tool to help with things like defusing tension or adding some kind of non-verbal inflexion into what you’re trying to communicate. For example, you could make a cheeky comment while smiling to let the recipient know that you’re only bantering, instead of being outright mean. Use it well, and you bring a subtle dynamic to every conversation that will likely work in your favour.

That You’re Professional                                                          

If a smile helps you to be in control, be approachable, and look presentable, then by all intents and purposes, it can help you be more professional.

Think about the awkwardness of a job interview. They can be quite stilted at first, because it’s a situation where everyone is sizing each other up. There are many anxieties too; will you get the job? Will you like them, and will they like you? Is this the place you will be most days for the rest of your life? There’s a lot riding on it, and yet, one genuine smile from your interviewer will immediately put you at ease. In any business meetings, client negotiations, or customer service interaction, the smile is the mainstay of it all, too.

The BBC ran an article on a man dubbed ‘Mr Charisma’, a psychologist who taught other people to be more charismatic, hence the nickname. Many of the people who interact with him do so because they want to be better leaders and excel in the workplace. The smile is the big battery of natural charisma, so the more you can master your own, the better you can fine-tune your professional demeanour.


Your smile is a versatile tool that is fully at your disposal. It can help you greatly in both personal and professional development, and just tell the world that you are kind and compassionate not only to others but to yourself in maintaining your oral hygiene and wellbeing. Those who spare a smile regularly often have infectious personalities alongside, social beacons of love and light. Give it all your best effort, and who knows what lovely situations will come to be out of all your cheer?


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