5 Lockdown Tips For Pet Owners

For both pets who are part of a family and those who are their owners’ sole companions, lockdown has probably presented its own challenges.

For instance, pooches who are excitable in normal circumstances might be feeling overstimulated given that they’re surrounded by household humans almost 24/7, meaning they’re so high that you’re practically scraping them from the ceiling.

And parrots used to an eclectic mix of company might be pulling out their feathers in frustration over having to endure the exclusive company of their lone-living owner. After almost a year, ‘who’s a pretty boy then?’ must be wearing rather thin!

So with that in mind, here are five handy lockdown tips for pet owners that will add a positive new dimension to your relationship.

Pet-friendly viewing

Certain pets like a bit of TV and as long as they’re not sitting glued to it all day, there’s no harm in including their favourite shows in your binge-watching schedule.

For a little classic canine drama and excitement, who not indulge in the Lassie box set with your four-legged friend?

Or alternatively, settle down on the settee with your pet rat to watch The Secret of NIMH.

Getting outside

If you’ve got a domestic animal that needs a regular walk for its health, this is still acceptable during lockdown under most rules (within reason).

And if you’re a rather reluctant exerciser, having your dog by your side as you gently jog along the pavement and across the park might feel less conspicuous than slipping into your lycra and setting off alone – double whammy!

Combatting allergies

One note of caution when you’re taking your animals into the great outdoors in the springtime – it might set off their allergies.

Talk to your vet about treatments from allergy gurus like Avacta Animal Health which will stop your furry friend feeling like he has ants in his pants.


Grooming is essential for the wellbeing of many pets and it can also be a deeply cathartic experience for owners. For example, few things are more satisfying than giving your dog a soapy bubble bath, rinsing them thoroughly, drying them and then gently combing their coats until they positively shine.

Make sure your grooming is species appropriate though – best tell the kids that the routine above won’t benefit their goldfish or stick insect!

Healthy treats

Many of us are overindulging in chocolates, cakes and crisps during lockdown. There are worse habits, but this is one which we should be careful not to impose on our pets.

You should be well aware of the dangers of sharing human treats with your pets, but during lockdown be double sure that you’re only rewarding your animals with healthy snacks as part of a balanced diet, such as Purina Dentalife feline dental care treats.

And there you have it – a quintet of quality tips for pet owners during lockdown. Adopt these golden nuggets over the next few days and you’ll be connecting with your animal like a modern-day Dr Doolittle!


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