Best Flooring Options For The Elderly

Apart from advanced age-related issues, the current pandemic has rendered seniors more vulnerable to illness. Seniors who own homes or otherwise may be too fearful to venture outdoors and are trying to spend a majority of their time inside.

If you have elders in the house, it is very important to make your interiors comfortable and safe, mainly the flooring as it is a high traffic area and can affect their mobility. Consider these select flooring options that have been chosen keeping the interest of the elderly in mind.


The cushioning effect of a carpeted floor offers a high level of protection in case of a fall. This flooring choice is therefore at the forefront of the ideal flooring race. Comfort apart, a good carpet is a perfect insulator against cold and has a life of many years. Moreover, its ability to absorb sound provides a quiet atmosphere for the old folks to relax without having to worry about the noise of the outside world. Just keep in mind that the pile is short and doesn’t get caught on the bottom of the vane or walker. The padding should be as thin as possible to decrease the chances of tripping.


Durable, waterproof and easy to maintain has made vinyl flooring a good choice for senior citizens. The hard smooth surface is not only easy to walk on but extremely wheelchair friendly, unlike a carpeted surface. Vinyl can be bought in plank, sheet or tile form and has several advantages over other types of flooring as it is water and stain-resistant. This eliminates slipping and tripping on wet floors. You can find vinyl floors over a wide price range, which makes it an affordable option. The surface remains warm and comfortable to walk on, which is not the case with floors having tiles.


Another healthy choice for a floor for senior citizens is cork. The surface is smooth, cushioned and water-resistant. Being an eco-friendly material, it ensures an allergen less environment, which is especially beneficial to those suffering from allergic diseases like asthma. Again, since vinyl is insect resistant and a good insulator, it gives a calm atmosphere inside the home. As regards to maintenance, a simple sweeping of the floor is more than enough.


It may seem outdated, but linoleum flooring is becoming quite popular with the elders because of a number of reasons. To start with, linoleum is eco-friendly, affordable, comes in a vast range of colours and designs, is easy to install and importantly eliminates the need to change floors every few years. The flat smooth surface is perfect for those using walkers or wheelchairs.


Older adults love laminate floors because they don’t trap dust like a carpet does, and are easy to clean and maintain. Laminate is cost-effective, and by shelling out a little extra, a high-quality floor for elders can be installed. The coating on top prevents wear and tear and absorbing moisture. This prevents slip injury, without having to worry about the walker or wheelchair getting stuck.


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