Top Tips for Getting Kids’ Shoes for Less

Looking for kids’ shoes can be challenging, mainly because they outgrow a pair fast. Just when you thought you had bought enough, you’re back at the store again.

Kids’ feet keep growing fast for the first few years of their lives, so you’re not the only parent dealing with this problem. However, with a few tricks, you can buy the right shoes at the right time and for an excellent price.

To ease your shopping, here are some top tips for getting kids’ shoes for less.

Smart Ways to Save On Kids’ Shoes

1.  Save Some Cash with A Promotion Code

Imagine getting a percentage off your purchase. Some stores will give you a promotion code that can help you buy your kid’s shoes for less. Remember, these discount codes don’t last forever, so you have to use them within the given time frame. Some stores even give special discounts to certain groups. For example, you can get a 10% Clarks discount for armed forces families if you or a family member are in the British armed forces.

2.  Flash-Sales Are Your Friend

Flash sale sites have become popular due to their discounts. If you’re looking for a good deal on shoes, these are an excellent place to start. However, because their discounts are only for a specific time, you have to be alert not to miss them.

3.  Consider Advance Purchases

If you get a good deal on shoes, the smartest way to save is to buy in bulk. You can buy bigger shoes for your child and keep them for future use. When you purchase affordable shoes in bulk, you end up saving even on future purchases.

4.  Clearance Sales

Just like flash sales, clearance sales have a short window. Whether online or in-store, make sure you keep a look out for clearance sales to buy your kid’s shoes for less.

5.  Hit The Outlet Stores

Because outlet stores offer discounted prices, they are popular with customers looking for bargains. It’s even possible to get brand-name products in outlet stores, making your purchase even more valuable. Sometimes the deals are so good you can get the shoes for half the price.

6.  Take Advantage of Reward Programs

Are you loyal to a brand? You might be in for a deal because many kids’ stores have reward programs for their loyal customers. An excellent way to benefit from a reward program is to join the store’s loyalty club. Some stores offer rewards on money spent or have discounts for members.

7.  Go for Used

While some parents don’t like the idea of used shoes, buying lightly used ones can save you money. Buying your kid used shoes is not a bad idea as long as they are still in good condition, with soft soles. The good news is that kids outgrow their shoes fast, meaning they rarely get worn out and can be used by another child. You can check out Preloved for a huge range of second-hand items – not just shoes!

8.  Get A Little Cashback

Some online stores offer you up to 10% cashback for your purchase. If you’re already going to buy the shoes online, getting some money back is a perfect way to save.

9.  Buy Out of Season

You usually find the best prices when something is out of season, so take advantage of the lower prices by buying your child’s shoes before they need them. For instance, you can purchase your kid’s winter shoes in the summer when they are likely to be way cheaper. Just remember to buy a size or two up if your kid’s going through a growth spurt – a few months can make a big difference for a growing kid!

10. Try Offline and Buy Online

Sometimes you can spot a good deal online, but you’re skeptical about issues such as shoe size and material. To avoid buying the wrong shoes, you can start by shopping around physical stores. Have your kid try on the shoes to see if they fit well and ensure you have the correct material. Once you get what you want, check for the exact same shoe online, where you can often find a better deal.

11. Shoe Growth Policies That Save the Day

If your child outgrows their shoes faster than you can buy them, some store policies can help you save. Some shops give you a free pair of shoes should your child quickly outgrow theirs. But these policies only apply to a specific time frame, so you have to find out the exact terms.

12. Consider Little-Known Brands

Because big brands tend to cost more, why don’t you consider a smaller name? There is nothing wrong with buying off-brand shoes if they are of the same quality as a big brand. With just a little money, you might find your kid some long-lasting shoes.

Get shopping

You don’t have to break the bank to buy kids’ shoes. These top tips for getting kids’ shoes for less will make your shopping hassle-free. 

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