How to make the perfect princess costume for World Book Day

If this isn’t your first brush with the creative pressures that come with every World Book Day, you’ll be well aware of the controversy surrounding whether or not a princess is a suitable costume for the book-themed day. With World Book Day not so far away – mark off Thursday 4th March on your calendars – Nursery Chain Kiddi Caru has conducted a survey on the big day and found that 23% of the parents asked are predicting that princesses, particularly Elsa from Frozen, will be the most popular costume arriving at the virtual school gates.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of our top tips on how to make the perfect princess costume for your child’s World Book Day debut.

Elsa from Frozen

For all of those naysaying parents who will try to chastise you for allowing your little tot to dress up as the incredibly popular ice princess, you’ll be pleased to know that just after the film was released, a book version was also produced. So, take that, haters!

The key to creating an Elsa costume is to perfect the braid and make sure your child is decked out in some kind of light blue ensemble. An easy way to save time the morning of World Book Day is to buy an already styled Elsa wig that you can simply secure to your child’s head before sending them out of the door, or downstairs to their virtual class.

With Frozen taking the world by storm, there are a huge array of Elsa costumes available online for varying prices. But, if you’re determined to crack out the sewing machine and make the iconic dress yourself, there are a whole host of free online tutorials and patterns – including no-sew options if you’re running out of time. In this case, Pinterest will be your best friend.


An independent blogger took it upon herself to analyse Google search data and find out who the most popular Disney princess really is. Across all of the princesses out there, Cinderella was found to reign supreme, coming out on top in a massive 76 countries. And, once again, you’ll be pleased to hear that the character of Cinderella actually originates from a Grimm Brothers’ fairytale which comes in the form of a book. It might be a stretch, but we’ll take it!

Cinderella has been around for decades, so luckily for you, there are ample resources to make your own costume or buy a ready-made outfit for a quick way out. Of course, there are loads of Cinderella dresses available to purchase online, and there’s no shame in doing so! Alternatively, you can also find free patterns and tutorials online from life-saving creative blogs. If you’re looking to settle somewhere in the middle of homemade and store bought, there are dazzling princess accessory packs that’ll give your Cinderella costume that finishing touch for a reasonable price on Amazon.

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Another fishy favourite is undoubtedly Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. And if you’re receiving criticism for going for a more movie-based character – there’s a whole host of books out there that recreate the iconic story.

This is another opportunity to cut some corners and get yourself a pre-styled red wig. In terms of the mermaid tail, no one will judge you if you go for the store-bought option. Alternatively, there’s a lot of Ariel-inspired dresses out there that will give your child a little more leg room. Spoiler alert – she does end up with a pair of legs at the end, after all!

If you’re willing to take on the big task of making a mermaid costume from scratch, we’ve found an easy to follow and free online tutorial from another helpful blogger. Build on top of a sparkly dress from the clearance section of a clothes shop, this is a great way to save money and adapt a cheaper alternative to buying a ready-made costume outright. With no sewing machine required, get your glue sticks at the ready and be prepared to never want to see another cardboard scale ever again.




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  1. Carly Belsey
    28 February, 2021 / 5:13 am

    Lovely ideas, I would love to make my own costume for my daughter like my mum used to but i just dont have the time or the skills haha.

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