CBD oil benefits and uses in our daily lives

CBD oil and other CBD products are now well-known for their many uses and benefits for humans and pets.

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CBD / cannabidiol application types: which CBD products are there?

Various products with CBD additives are available online. The CBD is obtained through unique extraction processes. A few of the most typical representatives on the CBD market are to be presented in detail and vividly in the following list. The proportions of CBD achieved through the extraction, and the approximate prices are mentioned in each case.

CBD application types at a glance:

CBD oils:

  • Perhaps the most popular and common form of CBD is the oil form. Small bottles with different flavours contain CBD with 5 to 15% CBD. They are considered a gentle introduction to CBD use and are quickly absorbed by the body. The CBD is obtained in liquid form via the extraction process.

CBD chewing gum:

  • Chewing gums with CBD contain 10 mg or more cannabidiol and also exist in different flavours. Similar to CBD oil, the active ingredient is absorbed through the oral mucosa.

CBD Suppositories

  • CBD suppositories: Suppositories with added CBD can be taken anally or vaginally. They contain 50 mg of CBD per suppository.

CBD capsules:

  • Unlike CBD oil, CBD capsules are absorbed through the digestive tract. One capsule contains approx. 10 mg of CBD and costs approx. 1 € after deducting the unit price. Highly concentrated capsules are also available with 50 mg each.

What’s the difference between hemp oil & CBD oil?

There is one particular thing to note: hemp oils and CBD oils are not identical. Hemp oil is only a high-quality vegetable oil for kitchen use. It is newfangled as a so-called superfood because it is incredibly healthy.

Besides, in addition to coconut oil, it typically serves as a carrier oil for CBD oil.

This other type of oil contains hemp extract or CBD extract, which is especially noted on the bottle. Hemp oil, on the other hand, does not contain any CBD.

Why should you use CBD oil?

CBD offers a lot of benefits and uses … today. Some studies are listing some of the most recognized CBD oil advantages for well-being:


It is believed that CBD relieves anxiety. CBD oil is said to aid the processing of serotonin and alleviate symptoms of anxiety. Various studies are currently being carried out on this.

Weight regulation

While THC has an appetite-stimulating effect, CBD has an appetite-regulating effect. It could help the metabolism to be stimulated, and the fat burning increasing.

Skin diseases

Cannabis is popular in dermatology; there are many cosmetic products with CBD additives. The effects of cannabis are also known in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, the use of CBD with its impact on skin cells is potentially promising.

Cardiovascular system

CBD has an indirect effect on the cardiovascular system by lowering blood pressure. The user becomes more relaxed, the serotonin level rises, and the heart rhythm is regulated. It has a positive effect on heart health.

Bone health

CBD could play a role in regulating bone cell activity and bone structure.

Pain reduction

Pain caused by various diseases, menstrual cramps and back pain, can be reduced with CBD use. The active ingredient influences the sensation of pain and the overall mood – without getting the user high.

What should you watch out for with the CBD dosage?

Since cannabidiol is herbal medicine, the information on the package insert should be observed.

On the one hand, it isn’t easy to take too high a dose of CBD, and on the other hand, the consumption must be adjusted individually.


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