Designing The Perfect Nursery For Your Baby

Not all parents know or consider that the room’s interior plays a vital role in developing the child’s personality. The child’s desire to play, study and develop their creative abilities and skills largely depends on how interesting and comfortable it is to spend time in it. Do not forget: the children’s room is a bedroom, a living room, a playroom, a gym, and a place to study.

The nursery should be comfortable and correspond to taste preferences. The bespoke design can achieve personal comfort. It is necessary to consider experts’ advice, parents’ preferences and, of course, the baby himself, if he has already grown up enough.

Creating a unique atmosphere, which will be interesting and useful to the child, is challenging. It would be best to choose the right pieces of luxury nursery furniture, the colour scheme of walls and other surfaces, highlight and equip areas for sleeping, games, study and sports, take care of the right lighting and safety. The design of a room for the child will have their characteristics. The one thing is obligatory for both — you should make a perfect world for your little one.

Designing a beautiful children room

Psychologists say that the colour that surrounds a child directly affects their physical and psycho-emotional state and development. Therefore, you need to choose the colour of the children’s room wisely. It is worth considering the effect of colours on a person in general, as well as the temperament of your baby and their colour preferences. The child’s age and the amount of time he will spend in the room are important factors. It is better to use calm shades for children under three years old, but you can already use saturated colours for older children to excite them.

Colour works well for highlighting different areas in a room. For each functional area, you can choose your colour scheme—soothing shades for the sleeping area, stimulating for the play area. The harmonious combination of colours will make the growing person’s room cosy and interesting.

Child safety is also one of the most critical issues when designing a child’s room. First, you should pay attention to the materials used. Furniture, wall, floor and ceiling coverings, decorative elements should be made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials. Avoid possible injury to the child by trimming sharp corners and edges with soft textiles or special pads. Anything that can fall and harm the child must either be removed or secured. The grown-up kid’s sports equipment must be securely fixed and in good condition. Correct lighting will preserve the child’s good eyesight, and intelligent colour design will keep their psyche.

Making the room unique

A nursery for a new-born is the embodiment of tenderness:

  • light natural shades;
  • hand-painted nursery furniture;
  • carpet on the floor;
  • the perfect combination of curtains and a canopy over a luxury Moses basket;
  • overall lightness and airiness, which is achieved by using a minimum of details.

Add bright colours with yellow and blue stripes’ help, and the room turns into a real corner of childhood.

The room for pre-schoolers is the embodiment of a fairy tale. Bright details, personalised accessories and art, a minimum of clutter — a maximum of free spot for games, images of cartoon characters and fairy tales on furniture designed by talented illustrators, pictures, decor elements such as spring sprung watercolour. A carefully thought-out storage system for toys and necessarily a writing desk. The kid can give free rein to their imagination, drawing, modelling or making all kinds of applications. A spacious wardrobe is already becoming a necessity, and its design can become exactly what your child would like to see it.

It is the right way to add to a personalisation according to your kids’ interest: flowers, fairies, dollhouses for girls and cars, animals or soldiers for boys. Bespoke kids beds in the form of a car, a princess carriage or a helicopter will be an excellent place to relax and play. The rest of the furniture should be selected in the appropriate theme to make the room the most interesting for the child.

Playspace always needed

Considering that a children’s room should simultaneously perform several functions, the room zoning method is often used. The different areas are distinguished by the corresponding furniture — luxury cots, desk, sports wall. Each zone can be marked with its colour, lighting, highlighted by light wall structures and decorative elements. Competent zoning of a children’s room makes it comfortable and exciting, creates a favourable atmosphere and inspires your child.

From the moment a child turns one year old, parents are faced with a barrage of children’s things that need to be sorted. To find and store toys in a children’s room conveniently, you need to remember a few general rules:

  • Everything has its place;
  • It should be easy for a child to get to their favourite items personally

A large number of toys are stored in a modern designer playroom. The choice in stores is so wide and varied that children want to try everything, especially various novelties. How to store this variety so as not to clutter up the room? Use Dragons of Walton Street toy boxes and chest of drawers to maintain the order. Children are very inclined to follow a once established and understandable order.


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