What Gardening Jobs To Do In Early Summer

Now that the weather is perking up, there’s no excuse to put off those gardening chores any longer.  There are plenty of gardening jobs for early summer and it’s important to keep on top of garden maintenance – little and often is key.

Whether it’s pruning, weeding or upgrading your gardening equipment such as pressure washers and lawnmowers, there’s plenty to be done. Best rope in the kids to help!

Gardening jobs for early summer

Summer bedding plants

Ne’er cast a clout till May be out, as the old saying goes. Be careful because the danger of late frosts might not be quite past – almost though.  This means you can plant out tender summer bedding plants as well as vegetables such as courgettes and tomatoes.

If it does look as if a sudden frost is on the horizon, tender young plants can be protected by a temporary covering of garden fleece.

If there is a very dry spell (remember last year’s heatwave?!), keep all newly planted trees and shrubs well-watered.

In the fruit and vegetable garden

If you have sown seeds previously, it’s time to thin them out – for example, carrots, beetroot and lettuces.

Clear early vegetables and salads and replant the beds.

Feed and water your tomato plants regularly, along with peppers, aubergines and cucumbers.

Using netting to keep birds away from any soft fruit.

Flowers and shrubs

This is the time of year when you really need to keep on top of grass cutting and weeding, particularly during wet spells.

Prune shrubs that need it if they have finished flowering.

Spray roses and cut back any spent flowers in the rock garden.  You can also take cuttings of any plants where you want to increase your stock.

Cut back hardy geraniums after they have flowered for the first time to encourage them to flower again.

Deadhead all plants regularly to encourage further flowers.

Water plants if there is a prolonged dry spell – otherwise give all the plants a really good soak once a week.

In the greenhouse

Alan Titchmarsh suggests that you should paint liquid shading onto the outside of the greenhouse.

Remember to regularly feed and water potted plants.

If you are growing tomatoes, feed your plants once the first fruits have appeared and continue to feed them roughly every fortnight.

You may also need to wash and clean up any garden furniture that has been languishing outdoors awaiting the return of the sun, and give the barbecue a good clean in preparation for al fresco dining.

Above all, now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labours whilst creating beautiful fragrant floral displays for everyone to enjoy.

There are quite a few gardening jobs for early summer – just make sure you take a little time to relax with a cooling drink in the sunshine. I know I will be. I may even buy a hammock.


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