How To Create A Stunning Dining Space For Your Bijou Apartment

While we’d love to live in large homes with expansive gardens, not all of us can. Many of us must live in apartments or flats, high above the ground. 

Creating a dining space in these smaller-footprint homes can, therefore, be a challenge. But not to worry: this post is here to help. In it, we take a look at some of the ways you can create a family eating space in your bijou apartment.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Get A Fold-Out Dining Table On Rollers

Let’s say that you’re currently using all of the space in your apartment. At first, you might not think you have any room for a dining area. But there’s a simple solution: just get a fold-out dining table.

The way these work is actually quite simple. When you’re not using them, the sides of the table fold down, providing a kind of cupboard that stores the chairs within. In this position, you can use them as a sideboard for your keys, flowers, or anything else you want to keep in your main living space. 

Then, when it comes time to eat, you simply roll them into position, fold them out, and away you go. This way, you don’t have a large piece of furniture permanently taking up room in your house. The casters are helpful too, making the table easy to move. 

Set Up A Dining Room In Your Spare Bedroom

Be honest: how many times during the year do you actually use the spare bedroom in your home? In all likelihood, probably a handful at most. 

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If that’s the case, then you can use this as the dining room, provided it’s large enough. There are plenty of ways of increasing the sense of space, including using a mirrored dining table, making the chairs tall and thin, and adding additional reflective surfaces to the walls. 

Turn Your Kitchen Counter Into A Breakfast Station

Okay, so you don’t have a spare room for a dining table – not to worry: just turn your kitchen counter into a breakfast station. 

Of all the conversions, this is probably the least effort. You just find a spare piece of counter space and then add some stools. 

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

You can also install a breakfast bar on the opposite kitchen wall if you have space. You don’t even need to add cabinets. Just get a builder to install a counter into the wall, supported by posts at either end. It should be wide enough to fit a plate and a drink but doesn’t need to extend into the room to achieve its purpose.

Add A Fold-Out Table

Still struggling? Why not add a fold-out table to your living room. 

Again, the way these work is simple. You just install hinge fittings in the wall and then connect a table with a solitary leg that folds down to provide support. In the down position, you’ll have enough room for four people. And when in the up position, you can put artwork on the back. 

So, which of these bijou apartment dining room ideas appeals to you the most? 



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