How to Choose the Right Lens Coating for Your Sunglasses

Think the only thing you need to think about when buying a new pair of sunglasses is their strength when it comes to keeping UV rays at bay? Think again.

The great news is that you can make your sunglasses work harder for you, simply by choosing the right lens coating. The type of coating you choose depends entirely on when and where you wear your sunglasses.

I’ve rounded up some types of lens coatings and tips on how to choose the right one to get the most out of your stylish specs, whether they’re your trusty prescription sunglasses or a fashion pair.

Anti-scratch coating

Do your sunglasses go through a little rough and tumble every day? Whether you have a manual job, are prone to dropping your sunnies or regularly throw them in a pocket or handbag without thinking, an anti-scratch coating may be for you.

This coating improves the life span of your glasses, doesn’t hinder the look of your specs in any way and ensures that you can always see clearly through your lenses.


Anti-glare coating

These are great for those working outside all day. They reduce glare and reflection – great if you’re driving – but also improve the visibility of your eyes behind the glasses, which is great if you’re speaking to people outside. You can even buy coating sprays, that you can spritz on your lenses and enjoy straight away. This is a cost-effective solution that many people try first.

Coloured coating

Coloured lens coatings are a cosmetic choice, enhancing the look of your sunglasses. Ditch the usual brown, grey or green of your typical sunglasses and opt instead for a spicy red or a vivid purple. Some glasses suppliers offer this as part of their service and you can opt to have your lens coated when placing your order.

Anti-fog coating

We all know the trouble that comes with glasses fogging up lately when being safe and wearing a mask. Anti-fog coatings can stop your glasses from misting up when you move from hot to cold environments or if your breath is rising up from under the mask.

This means that if you’re enjoying a walk on a crisp winter day, in a busy park, you can still say safe and wear your mask with ease while also protecting your eyes from the sunlight.

How long do lens coatings last?

It’s hard to give a definite estimate but typically, your lens coating should last for at least two years before it may need to be replaced.

General wear and tear can cause lens coatings to chip or peel over time but can be easily removed and topped up. This means that investment pair of sunnies can stick around for longer.



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