How Sensory Play Equipment Can Help to Improve Your Child’s Development

This post offers ideas on how you can use the benefits of outdoor sensory play equipment to improve your child’s development.

Senses are highly important in humans. Right from birth to early childhood, a child uses their senses to explore and comprehend the world around them. Kids see, touch, smell, taste, hear and move, which helps them retain the information they gather. Sensory play enables children to develop awareness as they learn various sensory attributes like hot, cold, dry, sticky, fragrant, loud, soft, and so forth.

To allow children to learn better, experts invented sensory play which facilitates the use of senses, to help children understand the world surrounding them.

What is sensory play?

Simply put, sensory play is any activity that stimulates a child’s senses of sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing, movement, and balance. It is likely there are unlimited sensory activities, kids can be involved in.

To facilitate and improve sensory play, children need sensory play equipment. It is also helpful to know how they can use the equipment effectively.

Sensory play offers a broad range of developmental benefits to children from infancy to early childhood. Brains develop rapidly in young infants and children. During this time, they absorb a lot of information from the world around them. It is at this point they should be provided ample play opportunities, as well as sufficient equipment that can facilitate sensory play.

Some of the benefits facilitated by play equipment include:

Brain Development

Providing a child with equipment that aids sensory play equipment is like feeding the brain or equipping it. It enhances brain development which paves way for all the other development types, in a child. These kids can complete more complex learning tasks and develop an enhanced memory.

Cognitive Development

Using any sensory play item facilitates cognitive growth in children, which improves thought process, understanding and reasoning.

Children manipulate various materials which help them learn and understand new concepts. Music and sensory playboards, as well as water and sand play equipment, have many concepts that help with cognitive development.

There are excellent Music and Sensory Playboards available that help children learn various arts. The Planters and Growing sensory equipment available may consist of a compost wormery and a bug hotel. All these provide opportunities for learning, which improves cognitive development.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills Development

Writing, tying shoelaces, squeezing, pinching and rolling are some of the fiddly tasks that encourage fine motor skill development. Sensory play equipment such as sensory playboards, sand play and water play equipment, help children to coordinate small muscle groups establishing their development of fine motor skills. You’ll start to see that they can cater for themselves in many ways.

Gardening and planting activities help improve gross motor skills, but in addition, encourage smaller muscle growth too. For instance, hand-eye coordination skills are needed when transferring seedlings into a garden effectively. Grasping gardening tools to dig, weed and plant, improve children’s gross motor skills. Planters and Growing sensory equipment promotes use of children’s hands and legs etc.

Language Development

Sensory play toys are available in a variety of shapes, textures and colours. When your child plays with these toys, they talk about these shapes, textures and shapes which stimulate language practice. A child will use words associated with the sensory toys and sensory activities too.

Social Interaction

Sand, Water Play, and Planter & Growing play equipment, provide perfect environments for social interactions among children, as Sensory play in preschoolers, helps with socialising.

Social interaction is vital for children’s development as they’ll learn how to build new relationships, share ideas and communicate. As children take turns and make decisions, they also improve their confidence.

Calming and comforting

Another reason why sensory play is important in children’s growth is that it helps calm and comfort them. Sensory play equipment such as Music and Sensory Playboards, are great at calming restless children.

Sand and water play equipment also provides therapeutic sensory play to help soothe anxiety. This ensures development is not hindered by any unsettlement in children.


So, as you can see, sensory play, with the right equipment, greatly helps in the development of children. You can achieve a lot through sensory play, especially if you are correctly guided.

You can help improve the development of children, by obtaining the right sensory play equipment from a reliable supplier.

At Creative Play, we have a range of excellent sensory items and equipment you can use, to completely change how your children grow. Connect with us today for help on how you can improve the development of your children, using our sensory play range.

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