Improve Your Garden With These Tips For Beginners

Welcome to your latest hobby – it’s called ‘doing up the garden’ and, while it won’t take you to exotic locations or allow you to meet new people, every weed you dig up and piece of decking you put down will give you an immense sense of satisfaction.

There are few feelings greater in life than getting your lawn in order – that’s why gardening is such a popular hobby!

According to Love the Garden, around 27 million people in the UK love nothing more than planting bulbs and watching them grow, while the gardening industry itself is valued at around £5 billion.

And as summer rears its glowing head, there’s no better time than the present to take up this green-fingered hobby.

With that in mind, we’ve concocted a few top tips on how to start getting your garden in top condition – take a look, put on those gloves and get to work.

Get in shape

If you haven’t been in your garden for a while, the level of care and repairs it’ll require might seem overwhelming.

But take a deep breath and start with the basics.

First, remove any weeds that have grown. Then, whip out your lawnmower and cut that unkempt grass into shape.

Once you’ve tackled these foundational elements of your garden, it’ll at the very least be habitable again.

Check out those walls

The exterior walls of your house can make or break a garden. After all, who wants to lean back in their deckchair to view a wall that looks older than Bob Dylan?

To give your walls some pep, you (or a professional) will have to render them. Rendering materials and tools can be found from a variety of suppliers, but you could try a specialist like Direct Building Products to ensure you receive the highest quality mixture.

Once the rendering process is complete, your walls will be gleaming – and they won’t cast a poor shadow on your garden.


There’s something incredibly classy about saying, ‘If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have my morning coffee on the decking.’ It’s a sentence that screams style and sophistication – and you can make it a reality with only a few pieces of wood.

Decking adds a sense of variety to your garden, and provides you with the perfect space to place some permanent garden furniture.


If you’re old enough to have watched the show Ground Force when it aired, you’ll remember that water features were always portrayed as the crème de la crème of garden décor, and with good reason.

Whether it’s a small pond, a large fountain, or a miniature waterfall, a water feature adds the same sense of sophistication to your garden as a sculpture in a living room.

For a great selection of water features, why not visit garden specialists Primrose, who offer everything from a solar powered water feature to a stunning ceramic cascade.

Have you improved your garden lately?  Why not share your tips?


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