Tips for keeping your home organised

Running a family home is no easy feat. It can often feel like you spend most of your time tidying up and running after your little ones. As soon as you have finished one room, you will walk into another and find that it is a mess again, or that one of the kids can’t find something they need. While this is true for the most of us, it can be helped if you try and organise your home the best you can. This will minimise the amount of mess that can be created and the things that are at risk of being lost, such as school books and uniform items. Here are some top tips for keeping your home organised.

Create labels for drawers and boxes

If you have boxes and drawers in your home, it can be easy to forget what goes where and for them to get messy. Instead, invest in some labels that stipulate what is in each one. For example, if you have drawers for crafts, label pens, paper and pencils. You could have your children help you do this as they will find it a fun activity peeling the stickers off and sticking them on! You could also add labels to your children’s clothes or other items. Look at buying woven labels small quantities if you just want a few for around the home.

Have shelves for the days of the week

If your children struggle with their uniform, can’t find their socks, ties or shoes when needed, then it can be a good idea to have shelves or drawers for the day of the week. This way, at the beginning of the week you can put in a fresh outfit for each day that they can dress themselves into. They will know exactly where everything is and you won’t have to hurriedly wash something midway through the week.

Do a big declutter

It can be difficult to keep things tidy and organised if you have a lot of items. Have a declutter and get rid of things that you don’t often use or really need. If you have items that you aren’t sure about, or are just holding onto because you “might” need them, then put them in a separate drawer. If you use them in the next six months they are likely worth keeping. If you don’t, then you can get rid of them as you know you haven’t got anything out of them in the months that have just passed. Try not to have too many items out on show as these can make your home look untidy and cluttered.

Look for wasted space

You could be surprised at the amount of wasted space you have in your home. Look out for spots that could hold bookshelves or furniture pieces and use these to your advantage. This way you will have a lovely new piece of furniture and items won’t be out making the space messy and uncluttered.

These are a few things that you can do to improve the organisation of your home. By implementing these small tips you will find it soon makes a difference to your lives. What are some top tips you do? Let me know in the comments below!


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