4 Fabrics Ideal for Children’s Wear

For most people who want to start sharpening their sewing skills, children’s clothes are a popular choice. For one thing, the finished products are so adorable. For another, they are small, making them much easier to complete. For mothers who enjoy sewing their children’s clothes, it is a work of love. There’s a nice feeling you get from seeing your children wearing outfits that you made yourself. Part of the fun is creating a unique design that you cannot find in the market. Of course, you also want to ensure that you pick out the best fabrics ideal for children’s wear and their sensitive skin.

Photo by samer daboul from Pexels

There are many types of fabric out in the market, but not all of them are suitable for children’s wear. Thus, you should have some ideas about which ones to pick and ensure that they do not make kids feel uncomfortable wearing them. For instance, you can go for jersey fabric because it is a breathable material easier to sew, making it an ideal choice for sewing newbies. Below is a list of fabrics that are suitable for children’s wear.

  • Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics for children’s clothing. This material has the strength and durability that can withstand the many activities of children. When playing outdoors, their clothes can get soiled quite quickly. Cotton material is low maintenance and does not need to be handled delicately like other fabrics. Simple washing is all it takes to get it clean and fresh. Cotton, like jersey, is breathable, allowing the child’s skin to be comfortable and stay cool even during warm weather. It is also helpful in absorbing sweat, which is why it does not retain odours and is perfect for children’s delicate skin.
  • Like cotton, linen is another natural fabric that is quite popular. This fabric is best for summer clothing as it absorbs moisture. Natural linen is not as soft as cotton, and may not be too comfortable for children’s wear. However, thin linen is often used for children’s clothing as they are softer and more gentle on children’s skin.
  • Polyester fleece is one of the more popular fabrics used for children’s warm garments. This fabric is also ideal for children’s accessories like mittens, caps, and blankets. If you are a beginner with sewing, you will find that polyester fleece is simple to work with as it is simple to cut and there are no problems with ravelling.
  • Batiste is a very soft fabric that typically comes in solid colours. Unlike voile, batiste is not transparent, but has the same silky finish. It is also very durable and comfortable for children to wear because of its softness. This fabric is typically used for baby dresses and sleeping gowns. Batiste in cream or white is ideal for christening gowns.

When choosing fabric for children’s wear, you must always keep their comfort and safety in mind. Children are active, and their clothes should not restrict them from the things they do. The fabric you choose must also be gentle on their skin and not cause irritations and rashes, which can lead to other skin infections. Be discerning when choosing material for children’s wear.


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