10 Home Office Ideas for Remote Workers

Over the past year, the global pandemic has seen more people working from home than ever before. Remote working means no waking up at the crack of dawn to catch the over-crowded bus to work, no more missing your ride, and no more waiting in traffic. Working from home can be a challenge, especially when you don’t have a dedicated office space to focus your mind and find your drive to get you through the end of the day. Designing an office space is a fun project that will boost your productivity. You don’t need to spend a fortune to design a home office, so there are no excuses. If you’re struggling for inspiration, keep reading as we dissect 10 home office ideas bound to entice your inner workaholic.

The Nook

You don’t have to have four walls and a door to create your perfect office space; all you need is a quiet area. Search your home for a suitable corner and claim it as your own. Clear out space, treat yourself to a fancy corner desk, buy yourself a mandatory desk plant, and anything you need to find your focus. With your self-promotion to the corner office, you can spread your wings and say goodbye to the overcrowded desk. Considering that you’ve treated yourself to a corner desk, you might as well get your hands on a luxurious office chair so you can glide from one side to the other with ease – and who doesn’t enjoy spinning on a good spinning chair for fun.

The Office Shed

They say that sunshine is a fantastic way to get the wheels working and increase cognition, but why settle for opening the curtain and cracking the window? If you’ve got the budget and want to feel as though you’re physically “going” to work, treat yourself to an outdoor office. You can choose from a range of high quality garden offices over at Shedstore.co.uk. They have office shed products that cater to all sizes and specifications, with a range of window layouts to make the most of the outdoors. With these quality options, you can find one that suits your needs and then transform it into your dream outdoor office.

The Library

There’s something extremely satisfying about being in a room full of books. A full bookshelf shouts dominance and provides a great source of conversation. Hover your desk in the centre of the room and utilise the wall space for an impressive bookshelf that you can fill with books, plants, and inspiration for your next piece of work. With your library-inspired office, you’ll have the perfect space to work as well as relax into your favourite novel.

The Studio

If your work requires creativity and flawless artwork, create a practical space to sketch your ideas. You should opt for a small desk for your computer, leaving you plenty of room to install a large drafting table to fine-tune your designs. If you’ve got the space, remember to leave room for some handy storage boxes to keep all of your bits and bobs. To help open up your creative mind, choose a spot with plenty of light and fill the space with art, plants, and quirky decor.

The Sunshine Suite

Not everybody has the luxury of a garden to install their office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the natural sunshine. There’s nothing better than sitting down the work with a hot mug of coffee and feeling the sun touching your face. Find a space in your home with a window that sees a lot of sunlight. If you’ve got a suitable attic, it would make the perfect room to transform into an office. You can install a skylight to truly make the most of the sunlight. Natural light will boost your productivity and help stave off the afternoon crash.

A Trip in Time

If you’re a fan of retro style and have space, consider transforming your chosen room into a mid-century modern office and take a journey through time. Leaving the rest of your house and entering your period office will help trick your mind into thinking you’re not at home. Opt for a wooden desk, warm brown tones, and plenty of abstract art. Having mid-century modern furniture will help you feel organised owing to the prevalence of uncluttered and sleek lines.

For the Art Lovers

When you design your office space, you don’t need to suffer the same boring four walls that would find in a traditional office. Fill your office walls with a selection of your favourite artists to keep you feeling inspired when you feel your motivation dropping and your brain losing focus. It’s well-known that getting out of the office can refresh the mind. Through viewing art, especially realistic scenes, you can do just that as it is known for reducing stress and restoring mental energy.


You can never have too many plants in your office, so go wild. Fill in any space with your favourite greenery. If you have a knack for killing plants, consider choosing plants that don’t take much looking after. Plants have the power to reduce stress, increase productivity, and make your room feel fresher. You don’t need to have a lavish garden office when you can easily invite nature into your working life.

Bedroom Business

When you’re pushed for space, it can be hard to find inspiration to build your home office. Never fear, you can create your concentration corner in the comfort of your own bedroom; this doesn’t mean you should show up for work in your dressing gown though. Simply find a space on one of the walls, add a desk, and go wild with the decor. For the best results, consider setting your office space up so that your chair faces away from your bed – no one wants to work and sleep in the same place but sometimes, needs must.

If Cute is What You Aim for

If you prefer working in a calming and relaxing environment, consider adding some cute fairy lights to the space to create some ambience. You can trail the lights through your shelving and around your computer to get a cosy feel. You will need to mix your lighting options up for easy transitioning between bright lights and low mood lighting. It’s well known that a low-lit room isn’t the most productive choice, but sometimes you just need to let yourself mellow out.

Working from home comes with a range of benefits, but it can be hard to concentrate without anywhere to knuckle down. There are so many different styles of office for you to explore, but hopefully, now you feel inspired enough to get creative. Your office needs to be a place to escape from the rest of the world and focus on your work. Do some soul searching and find out what motivates you and fill your office with plenty of inspiration. The most common choices are plants, artwork, and plenty of natural light. Most importantly, your office needs to increase your productivity and focus, otherwise you may as well just carry on sitting at your chaotic dining room table.


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