How to Choose a Greenhouse For Your Current and Future Needs

Having a greenhouse can expand the growing time of your garden. You can grow fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables all year long with the right greenhouse.

There are so many types to choose from, from kits to do-it-yourself builds; you can easily choose the right greenhouse for your needs and within your budget.

Before choosing which greenhouse you want, consider the following:

Where will you place your greenhouse?

Knowing where you’ll put the greenhouse is part of the battle. You need an area that gets sunlight that has plenty of access but is also out of the way of your normal garden.

What will you use your greenhouse for?

Knowing which type of plants you’re going to put in the greenhouse can help you determine the size you need as well as which materials you’ll need to use.

What size greenhouse do you need?

Do you want a large greenhouse, or do you have a small yard? Maybe you need two small greenhouses over one large one to make it work with your yard.

Glass or plastic?

Glass is always better, but sometimes it’s just not affordable and plastic can work very well when money is tight, plus you can use a wood structure which will also cost less.

Wood or aluminum?

Depending on whether you’re going to use glass or plastic will determine whether you build the main structure with wood or aluminum. Glass works well with aluminum and plastic works well with a wood structure.

How will you water it?

You will need to know how you’ll irrigate it, which largely depends on the size. If it’s large you want it to be as hands-off as possible. If it’s small, will you have time to hand water it each day?

What is your budget?

Whether we like it or not, budget plays a huge part in deciding what kind of materials to use and how big it will be. You’ll spend more for a glass greenhouse over a plastic one.

What is your skill level?

If you cannot build it yourself, this will need to be considered in your budget and your overall plans. If you need to bring in help to get it built, the cost will be higher than if you can DIY.

Regardless of how you create your greenhouse it can look beautiful and be a wonderful addition to your backyard gardening efforts.

You’ll stretch the growing year as well as give you more space to start seedlings and provide protection to plants during inclement weather. If you’re serious about gardening and saving money on plants, a greenhouse is certainly the best way to go.


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