How To Manage Single Parenting Positively

Parenting itself is a challenging responsibility and a lifetime commitment. But to be a single parent means you’ll be doing the responsibility of taking care and raising your child all on your own without a partner. Nowadays, single parents are becoming more common, but it still doesn’t mean it’s getting any easier. When you’re a single parent, you likely often put pressure on yourself and juggle as many responsibilities as possible to ensure you can provide all the needs of your child.  

You probably also doubt yourself sometimes when it comes to parenting decisions because you have no one else to discuss it with. You strive to balance your work life and family responsibilities while trying to be both mother and father for your child. Thus, it’s common for single parents to feel stressed, anxious, exhausted, and pressured to raise a healthy and happy child despite doing it alone.   

However, children with single parents can still be happy, prosperous, and healthy, just as children growing up with two biological parents. After all, it’s not about how many parents raise your child, but the quality of parenting you do. So, to make single parenting an easier journey for you, here are some tips to help you manage positively. 

Establish A Schedule And Routine 

Most couples who have gone through legal procedures with family lawyers for their divorce would settle on agreeing to have a schedule on when and how often both parents can spend time with their children. Meanwhile, other couples would settle on a decision where the child shall permanently reside with the other parent only. Either way, it’s essential that you create a schedule or a routine based on your agreement after the divorce. 

Routines are beneficial, especially to young children. It can help them keep track of their daily activities, set their expectations, and give them a sense of control and organisation. If there are days where your child travels between homes, you can still create a routine out of it and encourage the other parent to do the same. It would also help to talk to your child about their bedtime routine and their schedules for meals, playtime, and homework. 

Be Confident

Raising your child alone can be challenging, stressful and push you to your limits. But here you are, parenting your child single-handedly and doing things you never thought you could before. That already shows how capable, hardworking and resilient you are as a parent. So, be confident in what you do and what you’ve come to be. You’re not a superhero, but you’re doing great things for your child and have been keeping your family thriving. Focus on that strength and let it boost your confidence. Then use that confidence to fuel yourself to be even stronger and more motivated to keep going. 

Don’t Hesitate To Lean On Others 

Even if you think you’re managing single parenting successfully, there will be moments when you’ll need some support. When it gets tough, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family, friends, or even your neighbours. There’s nothing wrong with leaning on others sometimes. In fact, knowing when to ask for help is a sign of good parenting. It’s also a way to help manage parenting stress

Make Time For The Kids 

If you’re constantly juggling your job, chores, and other countless responsibilities, don’t forget to set aside time for your kids. It’s the most fundamental part of parenting. The best thing you can give your child is quality time, so make sure it’s part of your daily routine. If that’s not possible, make it a weekly thing at least. 

When you’re at home, spend as much time together, even on simple things like taking a walk, eating meals together, and have time to sit down and catch up. This will help cultivate your parent-child relationship as they grow and will make you both feel relaxed, nurtured, and loved. 

Practice Self-Care 

To be the best single parent, you also need to be the best version of yourself. You can achieve that by practising self-care. It can be as simple as doing a 10–15-minute meditation, a brief morning walk, or dedicating a whole hour in the morning to your health and wellbeing. Engage in activities that will help you relax, elevate your mood and energy. More importantly, don’t forget to nourish yourself with healthy foods and rehydrate as much as possible. 

Organise Your Finances 

It can be tough for single parents to deal with money matters as they raise their kids on a single income. To minimise financial problems, start by creating a budget for your family’s food, expenses, bills, and your child’s education. Then establish specific goals that will help you eliminate existing debts, if you have any. Small steps can lead to bigger things towards reducing your debts and increasing your savings for your child’s future. 

If you can organise your finances, your financial situation will eventually ease up, and so will your stress levels. 

In conclusion

As a single parent, you are the primary role model and the main inspiration for your child. That means your parenting skills and your relationship with your child will significantly affect their growth as an individual. But perhaps the best part of being a single parent is that you’re also the sole recipient of all your child’s love and affection, which are priceless for every parent. 


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