Beauty Boxes – The New Popular Present

Sometimes it can be really tough to choose the right gifts for friends and relatives. We have to think about their individual tastes and preferences and we hope that our efforts to select the perfect present are not wasted. Beauty boxes are often a popular choice, but is it the right choice for you and your giftee? Here’s a shortlist of some of the pros and cons to help you out. If you’re looking to save in the world of beauty, check out these amazing LOOKFANTASTIC discount codes.

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Experimentation. Lots of women love experimenting with new beauty products, so a beauty box containing many different items can be an excellent gift. Choosing a box that has several different items gives you the opportunity to let them and if you find something they love, which you can then remember for future gift ideas.
  • Variety. If you try to find just one perfect product to impress your loved one, it could end up being hit or miss. Beauty boxes have the advantage of offering various items which means that you’re bound to be giving them something new and exciting that they’ll love. Beauty boxes are also often themed according to a specific time of year which means that you can find a selection of summer or winter essentials carefully selected and prepared in your box. One of the best things about a beauty box is the element of surprise! 
  • New and trending products are often available in small quantities inside your beauty box. This means that you get the chance to try new products and see if you like them or not. In the world of beauty, there are always new and exciting things to try so gifting a beauty box could be a fantastic way to solve your gifting dilemma. If you decide to subscribe to a monthly beauty box you can take advantage of trying new and limited edition products and if you happen to receive something that you don’t think you’ll use or love, you can always rebox it for extra, last minute, gifting solutions.

And the cons:

  • If giving a beauty box as a present involves you taking on a subscription, this might not be worth it depending on who you’re buying for. If you’ve got a difficult recipient who might not appreciate your efforts and the contents of the box, it may not be the best idea.
  • When buying for someone who has specific skincare needs, a beauty box might cause you problems because you won’t be able to choose products that are necessarily appropriate for certain skin types or trusted brands.
  • There are also other, maybe less obvious reasons for not choosing beauty boxes. Now more than ever, many people are trying to consider their environmental footprint, and so choosing a subscription that contributes regularly to both air and waste pollution may not be the wisest move. If you consider that you’ll be getting lots of small tester-size items, you should consider the amount of packaging and advertising that accompanies your box to decide if it’s worth it.

In most cases, with all of the above points considered, gifting a beauty box is usually a foolproof choice for those friends or family who are generally hard to please. It definitely adds a touch of surprise and excitement to your beauty regime but make sure you think carefully before deciding if it really is the right solution for you. If you want to discover more details about the different options and read genuine customer reviews, make sure you take a look at this list of the best subscriptions available.


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