Here’s how to plan a pandemic wedding

When you love somebody, it’s natural to want to spend the rest of your life with them–especially if you can’t ever see yourself spending the rest of your life with anybody else.

The pandemic has seen an increased level of divorces due to people living in close proximity to their spouses for months on end, but there has also been an increase in engagements and weddings.
One of the biggest industries to have suffered in the UK throughout the pandemic is the wedding industry. When you think about how many different aspects there are to a wedding, that’s hardly a surprise. 

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

How people get married has changed dramatically over the past year or so, with many couples having to trade in their big white wedding for a more intimate affair or putting thier plans on hold altogether.

If you got engaged recently, here are some tips to plan your wedding as the world continues to navigate through the pandemic age. 

Be Flexible 

Times are incredibly unpredictable at the moment. The UK government is constantly changing the rules around how many people can gather in any one place at any time, so things like planning a wedding can be incredibly tricky. 

In particular, for an overseas fiance marrying a UK citizen, getting married in the UK is only an option after a successful UK fiance visa application being granted. This can be difficult since wedding ceremonies are limited to a few people and visas only last so long. 

Utilise Technology 

Technology has played a huge part in shaping society in how we communicate with people  throughout this time. Using technology can be useful for keeping guests informed about any changes in plan that may occur last minute. Consider building a website with information regarding your big day. Electric only invitations can let people know when changes like date, time, or venue happen.

You may also consider using a livestream function so that more people are able to tune in and watch you exchange vows when your venue only allows a certain amount of people. This has been a highly popular way of people sharing their special day with people who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make it. 

Do it alone 

Most people want to be able to share their special day with those they love the most, but sometimes the range of restrictions in the world can make that tricky. Many couples have opted to travel to places where they allow elopements that are still legal. A wedding ceremony should be all about the happy couple, and what better way of making sure that it’s all about them than having no guests?
Of course, there will always be an opportunity later on to be able to plan a reception to celebrate with everyone, and that eases the pressure on the couple somewhat as they will already be married.

It’s uncertain what the world of weddings will look like as time goes on, but what most people have learned during this time is how to make the best of whatever situation they are in. 


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