How to Easily Add A Little Comfort To Your Home

Comfort means different things to different people but it begins with small changes and additions around your home that need not cost a fortune.  Whether your taste is for a modern or a vintage style home, it’s easy to mix and match your room decoration to get the look and feel you want. You can complement the warm or cold colour of your wall with linen fabric for your bed sheet or tablecloth to create your dream room.

If you’re like me, a comfy home is more important than designer style but it’s all about balance.  Get the decor right and you will create an ambience that helps you relax and boosts your mood after a stressful day – and we’ve all had plenty of those lately!

The appearance of your household is very important when it comes to comfort.  You may not view yourself as a ‘home maker’ but keeping a clean and tidy space is crucial, especially if you are working from home. I find lots of mess and clutter makes me feel agitated and I can’t concentrate – which has a huge effect on my productivity. It’s also difficult to relax and chill in a messy room.

Here are some sensible tips to follow to avoid this.

Make The Most Of Different Design Elements

Consider the different design elements around your home – for example, contrast, proportion, textures and the placement of your furniture and ornaments. Choose a warm or cool color for your basic theme, perhaps for paint colours on walls and ceilings but then choose a matching or completely opposite colour for fabrics and soft furnishings to add interest to the room.

From your bedroom, make sure you choose the correct bed frame or mattress, and think of it as a long-term investment. Invest in eye-catching bedding such as bedsheets and duvet covers and add contrasting colours with throws and cushions.

Consider linen as a fabric for your bedding.  It is comfortable, durable, soft, and dries easily. Linen fibers are also excellent conductors of heat, keeping you warm and cosy which makes your sleeping experience more enjoyable in winter months and also warmer months. The benefit to using linen is it can be washed easily with or without a washing machine because it’s a durable and durable fabric.

From your dining room, you can use linen as your tablecloth to jazz up the dining room areas. Linen can fit any budget and its durability makes it ideal for tablecloths and napkins -just choose the colour that takes your fancy and make sure that your table cloth is a good fit for the shape of your table.

You may also consider decorating your home with a framed wall art. It creates a finishing element that brings the room’s furniture, decor, lighting, and color palette together. With the right wall art, your room will go from functional to functional and fabulous, emphasizing your taste and personality. Plus, wall art can also be a great conversation starter when you have guests over. So if you’re looking to add a little something extra to your home, don’t forget about the power of wall art! 

Let The Natural Light Flood In

Another way to make a room comfortable is to make the most of natural daylight, both sunshine and shade. Good lighting makes your room bright which accentuates the design of the room itself. Choose windows to let in the maximum light but if shade is needed consider blinds or curtains made from linen in pastels or bright colours. Natural lighting also can helps keep a room healthier because the growth of mould and fungi will be discouraged.  Nobody wants to spend time in a dank, dark room.

Create A Favorite Spot

Indulge yourself with your own favorite spot filled with favorite items such as books, plants, toys, or ornaments that make your room special. Simply choose an area in your home and then put your workstation or a comfy armchair there, add some plants, your favorite books, inspiring quotes and  arrange them on a side table with a simple tablecloth. You can put anything that can boost your mood and will make you concentrate on what needs to be done every time you get there. That spot can be your own sanctuary to do some work, study, or chill in your home.

Choose Your Colour

In the bedroom, calming colours such as blues and greens or neutral tones work well. Choosing the right colours can actually help reduce your stress levels. Don’t choose bright or loud colours like red or orange if you want to drift easily off to sleep!  On the other hand, if the colours you choose are too pale (such as pale yellow, light pink, muted green, and soft blue), your room may appear a bit flat. 

To avoid this, don’t be afraid to mix and match colours of your paint and wallpaper and add some contrast with wall art in different hues.

In other rooms around the home, you can use any kind of colour, but think about what the room is used for. Bright colours may work well in your work space whilst softer tones may be more appropriate for dining areas.  It’s all a matter of personal choice.

Do Some Research

Don’t forget to do some research ideas for your room on home websites or other platforms such as Tumblr or Pinterest for inspiration. You can also get inspiration from great places such as coffee shops or the set of your favorite movie or TV show. You can see the color combination, the contrast of each item, and also the texture. You can also simulate your design from the design room application that can show the 3D version of your design. 


There are many ways to create our living spaces to be more pleasant and enjoyable for sleep, work, or play. Why not ring the changes by experimenting with different fabrics for bed linen and table dressings and use fabric to add interest to your reading nook or hobby space  Don’t be afraid to mix and match the colour palette with the texture of the wall and all the items you have. You can seek inspiration from google pictures, great places that you have visited before, or maybe from your favorite movie scenes before you start to decorate. 


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