The Impact of Covid-19 on Family Life

It’s been a year and a half since the Covid-19 outbreak. Yet, as we move forward into the next half of 2021, the devastation of the pandemic is more apparent. The world has been brought to its knees by the global virus. No part of the world is untouched, and as its stands, just over 4 million people have died from the illness.

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In addition to the worldwide health crisis, the knock-on effects of the worst global viruses since the Spanish flu over 100 years ago are becoming apparent. Because of trade restrictions and lockdowns, national economies have been hit extremely hard. And no country seems to be immune against this. Families in the UK and US have been affected just as much as those in poorer nations. 

Families have been devastated by the loss of income, the loss of parents and loved ones and significant decisions about educational establishments such as schools and universities. 

Broken Families

One of the most severe effects of Covid-19 is the loss of family members. Millions of families worldwide have suffered the loss of parents, siblings and children, all from an invisible enemy. This has broken up many families that were otherwise happy and getting along with life. But as tragic as Covid deaths are, there are related issues that are just as devastating.

The strict regulations placed on international travel and visitors from other nations means that some families have remained apart. This occurs when family members or partners travel and are subsequently refused entry back into the country and the pandemic has caused a substantial delay in processing. This is why you should Apply for UK spouse Visa or other required documentation ASAP. 

Financial Ruin

In addition to losing family members, many people have lost their jobs. Some sectors have been lucky and have been able to weather the storm. But some have lost significant amounts of money and employees. The service industry, for example, has been hit particularly hard, with job losses recorded at 1.7 million in the UK alone.

Although some world governments have provided respite in the form of furlough payments, it hasn’t been enough for many. With the UK as an example, the government covered 80% of pay for qualified applicants. However, employers were left to pay the rest. But with national lockdowns in place, many employers were not legally allowed to open – a devastating catch 22.

Decreased Education 

One of the less talked about impacts of Covid on families is the decreased education levels that children and students received. For a large part of 2020, schools for children aged between 4 and 16 were closed. Into 2021, there were uncertain and sporadic openings as infection rates rose, dropped and then rose again – and it is still the same.

Additionally, university students have borne the brunt of the declined education level. Some universities worldwide all but imprisoned their students at the height of the pandemic, and others offered online classes only. As a result, some students were left isolated with mental health issues, and others missed entire lectures. But not one university has offered any refunds or additional classes to make up for lost service. 


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