Quick Tips To Freshen Up Your Living Space This Summer

Everyone wants to stamp their individuality on their living space, don’t they? And there’s something about the reappearance of the sunshine that makes you want to freshen up your living space for summer.

But how do you do that without spending a fortune or resorting to homeware items from the major retailers which, although lovely, might appear on many a coffee table, shelf or nightstand?

freshen up your living space for summer - hammock with a cushion in a living space

Making the most of your budget has never been more important and, whilst we might not have the cash to completely overhaul our living space, there are cost-effective ways to add a bit of verve and pizzazz.

Sometimes a bit of shopping around is all that’s needed and with a bit of ingenuity, you can completely transform your space and incorporate your own decorative style.

Here are some quick hits to freshen things up.

Freshen up your living space for summer

Change your bedding and curtains

New bedding and curtains can make such a difference and give a room a fresh new look. Now that the weather is hot, crisp white linen or bamboo sheets are best to wick away sweat and keep you more comfortable.

Crushed velvet curtains with a thermal and black-out lining will help your sleep because not only will they keep the room dark, but they will help keep the room cool during the day.

Change your artwork

This doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Why not find some quirky postcards and frame them in ornate photo frames?  Or how about using wall vinyls to create your own, unique, feature wall.  You could use family photos or if you’re a keen photographer, some of your favourite nature or holiday snaps.

If you’re artistic yourself, you could create your own artwork – why not try using acrylics to create a textured canvas or get the kids to create a collage.  If you don’t mind a bit of mess you could even create your own artwork featuring the children’s hand and footprints.

freshen up your living space for summer - A colourful graffiti mural

Change your living room soft furnishings

A very easy way to reflect the new season’s trends without blowing the budget is to change your cushions, throws and rugs.

For example, you could change your throw pillows (or even just the covers) to reflect the new season’s colours and textures.  I am particularly fond of doing this at Christmas when we go all Hygge with festive cushions, candles and faux fur throws, although that doesn’t really bear thinking about in this current heatwave, does it!

You can even invest in new mats for the front and back door to add a bit of quirky fun – although I’m not sure I’ll be getting the one with the Batman insignia Ieuan has his eye on.

Another great option to consider is reupholstering old furniture which can save you a small fortune instead of having to invest in new sofas and easy chairs.

Go vintage

You don’t have to buy new of course.  Scouring flea markets and antique fairs are lovely ways of passing a Sunday afternoon and you may find some fabulous new treasures.

Adding a vintage throw to your bed or an antique vanity set to your dressing table can make your bedroom look really special.

Again, you could find vintage or retro prints and frame these too.

Change your colour palette

Sometimes a complete change from one end of the spectrum to another can really ring the changes. An easy to way to lighten and brighten is simply to repaint in a white (or a tinted white) or a neutral and add accents of colour via soft furnishings.  This will make your rooms look bigger too.

Or a beach theme is quite easy to do – bright white, navy and shades of pastel blue in stripes.  You could use your favourite seaside souvenirs or even if your kids are like Caitlin, their vast and ever-growing shell collection.

freshen up your living space for summer - Collection of lavender stems in a small glass

 Don’t forget flowers

As you know I am a huge fan of fresh flowers and tend to avoid fake ones as they tend to collect dust. There are great bouquets to be had from the major supermarkets these days – and we usually find a bargain bunch or two at Aldi or Lidl.

Make them extra special by using a quirky vase or ornament and don’t be afraid to try a row of single stems rather than the more traditional arrangements.

Decorate the garden too

In this hot weather, your garden becomes an important part of your living space so it’s worth investing in some exterior decorations to create a little outside idyll.

Create atmosphere with strings of lights, either battery operated or solar, cute statues and even a fairy garden.  Caitlin has been asking for one of these for ages.  If you have room, the sound of a water feature is always calming and soothing.  You could even create your own meditation corner with a Buddha statue or just a lovely sculpture that talks to your mood.

freshen up your living space for summer - Face of the Buddha status covered in pink flowers

If you are looking for something a little more unusual, take a look at an online retailers like uncommongoods.com who offer unique jewellery, designer decor, tabletop items and handcrafted gifts and, of course, there’s always plenty of choice on Etsy or eBay.

How will you freshen up your living space for summer?

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