7 Ways To Get Involved In Activism

Eager to bring about some social change? Activism can be a way of making this change happen. Below are just a few ways to get involved in activism.

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Research your cause

Before rallying behind a cause, it’s important to educate yourself. By knowing the facts, you can put across a better argument when faced with people who may be against your cause. Research could also help you to determine whether you truly believe in a cause.

Spread the word on social media

You can encourage others to join your cause by spreading the word on social media. This could include sharing information and challenging the views of people who may not agree with your cause. 

Connect with other activists

Don’t be a lone activist. Connecting with other activists can provide strength in numbers. You may be able to join social groups in your area dedicated to your cause. Alternatively, you could consider setting up your own group. You may even be able to find online communities or create your own online social group using community software. Other activists can educate you and you can help to educate them.

Take part in protests

Protests can be an effective way of attracting attention to your cause. Look into organised protests related to your cause that you can take part in. You may be able to find protests local to you or you may have to travel. Alternatively, you can organise your own protest. This could be a group protest or a lone protest.

Sign petitions

Another way to get attention for your cause is to sign petitions. You can usually find these online. It may also be possible to create your own petition. There are sites that you can use to create petitions – these can be shared on social media. 

Raise money for your cause

Consider whether raising money for your cause could help. There are all kinds of charity activities that you can try to raise some funds. This could include hosting a charity event or collecting donations in a jar. On top of donating money, there could be other items that you can donate (depending on the cause). 

Do volunteer work

You may also be able to help your cause by doing some volunteer work. This could be anything from helping out at your local homeless shelter to volunteer to clean up litter. 



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