Brilliant Present Ideas For Your Partner This Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and those who are organized are already well on the way to having the majority of their presents for family and friends already bought and stashed away. In order that we do not get left behind and have to select our presents from the scraps that are left on the shelves, we have to act early and get planning.

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Here are a few ideas that you may find suit you and your partner, or could spark another idea in your mind on making this Christmas the best ever.

Starting them off with a new interest or hobby

Starting your loved one off with a new hobby or interest or even adding to an existing one is a great idea. If you feel that your partner may be interested in vaping, or they are already a keen vaper, there are many associated gift ideas with which you can shower your loved one. For example, getting the best vape juice for them or a selection of a few different flavors could be a nice idea, or you could make a big present out your partner’s vape interest and get some new vape hardware or a vape kit as well. There are also e-gift cards available should you feel that it is better that your partner chooses their own flavors or accessories.

Getting a full hamper of smellies

If your partner has a particular perfume or aftershave they like to wear, then there is a brilliant opportunity to make your own hamper set for them and not just settle for the eau de toilette, but include any shower or bath creams and body lotions that are available in the desired fragrance.

Purchasing a reusable box or basket to put them in and making a totally unique gift will not only make your partner happy due to you giving something that they like and use, but the point that you have put in some real effort to make it personal will go along way.

Booking a romantic getaway

Booking a romantic getaway for you both to enjoy is another fantastic gift. Especially if you book a high-class hotel in the city, stately house hotel in the country, or another luxury venue over the Valentine’s Day period or for a special anniversary date, take advantage of early booking for any offered spa treatments for your loved one and yourself to enjoy together while you are there. This gift can be wrapped and made to look totally gorgeous and unique, especially if wrapped with your partner’s favorite chocolates, with their favorite beverage, or a magnum of champagne.

Final thoughts

This year has been a hard year for many, especially when it comes to relationships and the strain the pandemic has put on them. However you choose to celebrate Christmas this year with your partner, make sure that they know that they are special. Go that extra mile and make their gift as personal for them as you can by adding little touches of their favorite items or their favorite colors, and wrap your presents like a professional with ribbons and bows, make it totally spectacular.


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