Considering a Career Change? Why Accountancy is Great for Mums

Lots of mums think about changing their careers after having kids, but many just don’t know where to start. If you’ve been going backwards and forwards between thinking it’s too late to retrain and feeling fed up with your current job, this blog is for you. Whether you’ve considered a career in accountancy before or not, it’s a great option for anyone with kids for a whole host of reasons. But it’s understandable that you might need a little more convincing, so here are some of the top reasons why it could be the career for you:

You don’t have to be good at maths

A big reason a lot of mums are put off by accounting is that they’ve never been much good at making calculations. But while you will be working with numbers, most businesses use accountancy software to do most of the number crunching. Accountants are increasingly being put in an advisory position, so make sure you do a bit of research to find out exactly what the role involves. It’s really not all about spreadsheets and working out taxes anymore, so you might be pleasantly surprised.

You can work from home

Whether your kids have gone off to school yet or you still have a little one at home, doing your job from the comfort of your living room can take a huge weight off your shoulders. Because accountancy can be done from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and the internet, you won’t have to give up precious family time to commute into an office. What’s more, many accountancy jobs are flexible in terms of hours, which means you can finish off your work once the kids are in bed if needed.

No degree necessary

It doesn’t matter what your job was before you became an accountant, because the qualifications for accountancy are easy to find online. There’s no need to go to university all over again, simply enrol in accredited courses and complete modules in your own time. While it will mean spending some money on your education, it won’t come close to tuition fees at most higher education centres.

Keep on progressing

The beauty of accountancy is that you really get out of it what you put in. This works well for mums who might have less time while their kids are young, but find themselves wanting to commit to their career more as they grow up. You can start off in more basic jobs and take more exams as you go along. Accounting really isn’t a career that stands still if you’re willing to put in the effort, so if your working life is important to you, becoming an accountant will give you the satisfaction you crave.

When is the right time for a career change?

This is completely up to you, but there’s no time like the present to start putting plans in place. That way, you’ll be ready to take your next steps when the time is right.


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