Five Signs You’re Feeling Broody

There’s a moment that almost everyone – male or female – feels broody in life. It’s queueing in the coffee shop for your morning drink and spotting the snuffly nose of a tiny baby in a carrier. It’s spotting a pregnant woman smiling as she searches through the baby clothes, hand to her bump. Whatever it is, it’s a feeling that blooms in the pit of the stomach and in the space where your heart usually sits. It’s the feeling of wanting a baby, and it can happen to you at any age and at any time – whether it’s convenient or not. 

Understanding the signs of broodiness will help, but if you’re someone who has been dealing with infertility or you are past your pregnancy prime of life, it can feel a little inconvenient to you. You can look into surrogacy or the embryo adoption cost if you can’t have any more eggs but you have a healthy uterus. You can look into adopting a child who is desperate for a loving home and you can give them the love that they need. You can even think about whether you are really past your prime. Either way, you need to recognise the signs of feeling broody or whether you just think babies are cute! Below, we’ve got five signs you’re feeling the pinch of broodiness.

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

#1 You see babies everywhere. You know that thing where you want a new car and you start seeing the brand you want everywhere you go? Well, it’s kind of like that when you’re broody. You are going to see babies and bumps, happy mums and tiny children wherever you go. You just seem to notice them all now where before you were able to block it out. Life will always show you what you were looking for and you will see newborns when you are feeling broody. You can’t even concentrate on what you’re doing because you can see the babies everywhere and they’re super cute!

#2 You’re seeing pregnant women. Like those newborns, you are seeing pregnant women and you are staring. You can’t help it – they look glowing and beautiful and you want to be one of them. Sure, you should stop staring, but it’s what we do as humans. We are fascinated by something and we can’t help but look!

#3 You’ve experienced phantom kicks. Usually, this is something that seasoned mothers experience because they know what those kicks feel like. Your stomach is likely to be holding a cake these days but you remember the days of movement and your body is craving the feeling. 

#4 You’ve started “feeling” pregnant. From nausea in the morning to extreme exhaustion, you’re starting to feel pregnant even when you’re sure you’re not. It’s called phantom pregnancy and it extends to rocking back and forth as if you’re holding a baby even if you’re not holding one. 

#5 You know you want one. That deep feeling in the pit of your stomach? It starts to consume you. It’s instinct: you’re ready to populate the earth and expand your heart. 


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